Primor’s best-selling product is not a cosmetic, but a complement that will make your looks easier


This we did not expect. A few months ago, we recorded which were the best-selling Primor products and they were cosmetics such as makeup or hair treatments. However, there is one who has won the game at
these ‘best sellers’ And, against all odds, it is not a beauty product, but a
complement to wear garments with impossible necklines or with fabrics that are too light. It is about
nipple shields that they have little to envy these adhesive tapes that are a success and also sell in

It might seem strange, but the biggest success of You Are The Princess, one of Primor’s most viral brands, is being harvested by cloth nipple shields. They have become the
favorite product of clients and beauty experts and it is an adhesive tape to cover the nipple that results, especially now in summer that trends are betting on
low-cut and semitransparent garments, very useful to dress well.

They are some liners that are part of the line
In my size by You Are The Princess, a brand that proposes two types of liners. First, one that covers the petal-shaped nipple and is attached to the skin with duct tape and costs
7.99 euros. These are
made of satin, of a soft and fine fabric that is invisible even under the most delicate fabrics and comes in packs of ten and is single use.

On the other hand, they also have for sale a
silicone liner with an oval shape oriented to hide the center of the chest that also costs
7.99 euros. This product
it is waterproof and reusable since it has a protective film paper that must be re-glued so that it can be reused. Both versions
they respect the skin a lot – very sensitive in this area – and allow any garment with a pronounced neckline to be worn without a bra. In addition, they are imperceptible to the eye. That utility is what has raised the liners in the best-selling product of the summer in You Are The Princess.

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