Pride month: rainbow themed make-up and limited edition products


When the colors of Pride mix with the desire to express oneself, truly incredible make-up looks are born.

Make-up belongs to everyone, just like love. And just like the feeling knows no barriers, borders, kilometers, genders, sex and orientation. A free, unique and unconstrained art form: loving makeup means loving a world made of colors, without prejudices and without judgments.

Precisely for this reason we have searched on social networks the best make-up looks, exaggerated, made with graphic eyeliner, full of colors and personality, which best interpret the Pride Month. In fact, June is a very important month for the LGTBQ + community: 30 days dedicated to love, equality and the desire to claim the rights of a community that only and only wants its love recognized.

The colors of the rainbow mix in a look that mixes state-of-the-art shades and graphic strokes that highlight everything.

Lips focus: a thousand shaded colors taken from the bridge of the nose. Fake freckles are inevitable for a summer look full of love.

Base without errors and a game of eyeliner and colors that recreate the shape of a heart in the final part of the eye. The best way to express love.

It’s never too early to shine, even when it comes to pride and make-up. A face look to copy and replicate.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to add color to any type of make-up like this gradient inside eye look. Elegant and chic.

Graphic eyeliner, glitter and bushy brows: this look is really perfect and the total black lips are the ideal contrast to complete it.

While we still struggle with black eyeliner (failing every time) there are those who recreate a truly screaming multicolor graphic look.

Simplicity? No thanks! This look is the ultimate expression of art and make-up. Obviously only for those who have several hours available to make it happen.

Love knows no forms, just like make-up which can be exaggerated but also very simple. Just like this look.

The best way to get the colors back? With a contrasting white line. To try.

THE beauty brand coolest of the moment, of course, have decided to support the LGTBQ + community during the month of pride 2021. Here we have collected not only the best of among the initiatives of the moment, but also the must-have products to reproduce the colorful looks we have selected.

MAC, Pride Collection 2021 – A limited edition consisting of two iconic products: the Velvet Teddy lipstick and the PRO palette with four specially selected pods. All made unique by the customization that reads: proud of my colors

Jean Paul Gautier, Le Male Pride Eau de Toilette – a collector’s edition of the iconic Le Male. The classic marine-style bottle is tinged with a thousand colors the rainbow of tolerance, so dear to Jean Paul Gaultier, launching a clear and clear message: long live the beauty of differences!

Sephora, Not a beauty tutorial – in partnership with GAY CENTER, Sephora will turn on the lights on the LGBTQ + community with mini videos on issues related to gender identity and sexual orientation with the aim of activating a positive and open conversation on community issues.

Tangle Teezer, Pride Power – the design of the rainbow flag enriches the brand’s new brush. A symbol of pride in being who we are and the power that comes from acceptance and love for oneself. Furthermore, for each brush sold on € 1 will be donated to Casa Arcobaleno in Milan, a project of the Spazio Aperto Servizi social cooperative.

Foreo, Be YOUnique – the new awareness campaign that invites everyone to be wonderfully themselves and become co-creators of the new face of beauty that has only one criterion: YOUniqueness! A platform to celebrate differences and uniqueness of any kind with the aim of showing the world all the faces of beauty, taking diversity, inclusiveness and individuality in the beauty industry to the next level.

NYX, Palette Metal Play – six eyeshadows with a metallic and sparkling finish that are part of the limited edition launched on the occasion of Pride 2021. The brand will donate $ 100,000 to various LGBTQ organizations around the world.

Morphe, Palette LIVE WITH LOVE – a limited edition palette of bright and vibrant shades to celebrate life and love. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this palette will be donated to The Trevor Project, the world’s largest association committed to suicide prevention and crisis intervention for young people in the LGBTQ community.

Kiko, nail laquer – What better way to celebrate creativity and your desire for color than with a colorful manicure? No gender, no race: nail polishes are perfect for Pride 2021.

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