Prettier, more active and younger: three powerful looks in red for the back to the office


If you have the
back to the office a few days later, it can be a good strategy to resort to fashion to give yourself that boost of good spirits that all rentrée requires, especially if it occurs even in summer. We are interested in ridding ourselves of the sensation of numbness and slowing down that heat produces and filling ourselves with energy and vitality, with which we already have clues
to make good use of the power of color. All citrus tones are recommended but, as the office is our destination, we opted for red. Any of these three garments suppose a powerful energetic boost and, in addition, it does not expire. They are from the new Zara collection but they aspire to classic.

The first design is the most spectacular and, in addition, you are dressed in total red at once. It’s about a
high neck red playsuit or ‘perkins’ and armhole sleeves, very elegant to wear with a blazer jacket or alone, if the label of your office admits this type of mini lengths.
We love the gathers on the shoulder, so classic, and the metal buttons that adorn the front. The price is the usual one in the Zara catalog: 39.95 euros.

Although the monkey is beautiful, our favorite piece in this
mini ‘drop’ with red as the argument of the new Zara collection is this blouse (25.95 euros). Repeat the gathers on the shoulder that we have liked so much in the jumpsuit, but it is long-sleeved. He also wears that
raised neck, so elegant. We love how this Zara red blouse proposes: with jeans it looks spectacular.

Finally, the
American jacket of rigor, a design that
in red he wins a lot of integers. It is a fitted, crossover design with marked shoulders and welt pockets on the front. The hem has an opening in the back and the buttons are metallic (49.95 euros).

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