Pregnant bride? Here are the tips for marriage


Long ago getting married with the white dress and the big belly in full view was practically considered a mortal sin; because, in the general idea, things had to be done in order, so first the marriage, then the child. After all, traditionally the choice of White as a color of the wedding dress is quite eloquent, as a symbol of purity which, in the case of women, obviously meant virginity, to be kept strictly until the wedding night.

Fortunately, things have changed over the years, and today getting married while pregnant it is no longer a taboo, nor a source of “shame”, just as it is not at all impossible to find clothes that fit perfectly even in a maternity version or to organize the perfect reception. Just a few small tricks are enough.

Pregnant bride: 6 dress tips

Very often a pregnant bride tends to think she has to buy the dress as close to the event as possible, but in reality things are a little different. After purchasing the dress in due time, in fact, it is final tests, to be planned well in advance together with the staff of the atelier you are addressing, to allow the dress to adapt perfectly to the body, and this does not change even for expectant brides.

To choose the perfect dress for the pregnant bride, you can follow some suggestions.

1. Choose the maternity wedding dress according to the quarter

If you get married within the first three months your body should not undergo substantial changes, while from the fourth onwards the forms begin to be more abundant. For this reason, it is better to opt for light and flowing lines, on the boho-chic style.

2. A-line and slip line: the perfect style for the pregnant bride

Undoubtedly, the model most appreciated by pregnant brides is flared, linear and with an A-shape, all elements that help to naturally accentuate the softness of the belly without wrapping it too much. Attention, this does not mean that if a future bride likes a mermaid dress she cannot opt ​​for it. The watchword, as always, is to feel at ease, even more so on a day like this.

3. The fabrics to be preferred

Some fabrics compared to others, of course, gently accompany the shapes of the body without weighing them down, in particular lighter fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, tulle.

4. The makeup for the décolleté

To highlight the upper part of the body, and not just the belly, opt for a high-cut dress, slightly accentuated under the bust, in an empire style. But the sweetheart, V or boat necklines are also excellent alternatives. If you really don’t want to give up a neckline, prefer it on the back.

5. Take a chance with a short!

The minidress is undoubtedly a more informal choice, but equally chic, especially if with a cut combined with soft fabrics such as organza and chiffon. And it allows for more natural movements, making the bride feel less clumsy.

6. Things to avoid

Better to leave out excessive curls and volume games on the belly and hips, which inflate the silhouette unnaturally. Away with bows, ribbons, flounces and ruffles, which further weigh down the figure. Also give up on heels dizzying, especially if you begin to be in the fateful phase of swollen feet!

Pregnant bride: 4 tips for the ceremony

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After choosing and changing the dress, let’s take care of the ceremony: here too, there are small details to keep in mind when getting married and pregnant. For example:

1. Choose a convenient time

Avoid peak times, such as midday, for example, and if you are planning to get married in the summer, also consider postponing the event for a few months, postponing it to autumn.

2. You don’t get married in the first and last months

Also in this case, opt for a postponement or an advance (checking the availability of the church and location, of course) so as not to find yourself at the end of pregnancy, the most delicate moment, in which the pre-birth hormonal changes begin to really make themselves felt. . But also avoid the first trimester, a period in which absolute rest is generally recommended. The second trimester remains the best time, because the pregnancy is well underway and there should be no surprises when it comes to a premature birth.

3. Avoid a location that is too far away

It is useless to make you travel miles to reach the place where the reception will take place: it would be just a boring trek for you. Do you prefer a easily accessible place (your guests will be grateful too!).

4. Watch out for food!

In pregnancy, future mothers must observe some rules regarding nutrition, which obviously also apply to the wedding day: in particular, no cold cuts, alcohol or raw foods. You don’t have to force all the guests to give up by banning them permanently from the menu, but you can have a separate menu made, or guarantee yourself a wide choice of foods that you can eat.

3 tips for the honeymoon

1. Choose the second quarter to leave

The same rules apply as before: this is the best time to leave, because it is the “safest” of pregnancy.

2. Consider choosing another destination

If you had opted for an exotic and very distant place, perhaps it would be better for you to review your destination, preferring a closer destination, without too many hours of flight. Also avoid car and motorcycle trips that are more nauseating.

3. Watch out for viruses

Make sure you avoid places where you can easily contract viruses or diseases, and especially those where the diet is extremely different from what you are used to.

Tips for hen party

In this case, perhaps the question interests the bride’s friends more, who are generally the people in charge of organizing the event: what to keep in mind then, when planning a bachelorette party with a pregnant bride?

1. Take into account the needs of the bride

Restrictions on nutrition are the first thing to keep in mind when organizing a bachelorette party for a pregnant bride: you should therefore also provide non-alcoholic drinks or cocktails and the presence of foods she can eat

2. No extreme sports!

The state of pregnancy, especially if advanced, is not compatible with activities that can endanger the health of the future mother and the baby, such as bungee jumping, for example, but also quad biking, rafting and the extreme activities that generally take place for hen parties. Even taking her to an amusement park might be boring for her, as many of the rides are inaccessible to pregnant women.

3. The activities to choose

How to entertain the bride without jeopardizing her health or that of the unborn child? For example, you could opt for an evening at a restaurant or pizzeria, complemented by jokes; otherwise you could indulge in an afternoon of rest at a spa or spa.

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