Pleated skirt, comfortable heeled boots, coat and sweatshirt: this is the Primark look that has fallen in love with us


December is crossing days on the calendar and there is less and less to say goodbye to this complicated year. With the cold installed in the streets and in our closets, now it is time, more than ever, to seek inspiration for our more comfortable and warm looks.

Coats, in all their versions, have become our best allies and accompany us in each of our outfits. That is why this Primark proposal has won the applause of many, who already dream of this warm fur coat between their hangers. The Irish chain offers us a perfect look for our day to day, where earth tones take center stage.

Made of brown shearling fabric, this long coat turned into the star garment of the look has a great price, 40 euros. Primark pulls trends, and proposes a pleated midi skirt with animal print, which costs only 17 euros.

With shearling fur in brown, this coat will be  the key to all your outfits ..

With brown sheepskin, this coat will be the key to all your outfits.

Another of the star garments of this look is the sweatshirt. In beige and with a hood, it provides the perfect contrast to the look and becomes the ideal companion for some comfortable heel boots that, with a price of 25 euros, have already become an object of desire.

A look of the simplest and full of trends that will help us weather the coldest days with a style of ten.

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