Pixel brows, the method for ‘shadow’ eyebrows


In the field of eyebrows, the world of aesthetics always presents new techniques, to thicken, reconstruct or give symmetry. As with all the other parts of the face, in reality the eyebrows are fine as they are, despite the passing fashions that one day want them super thin, and the next ultra thick and defined.

The pixel brows is one of the newest methods to redefine brows, and it does it by donating one shaded style.

Pixel brows: what is it?

Tattooed or drawn eyebrows, today you can choose different techniques to define the eyebrows. Also called “microshading“,”powder brows” or “eyeshadow effect“, Pixel brows is an aesthetic technique of semi-permanent makeup for the eyebrows.

As the microblading, the best known technique today, microshading is a treatment of dermopigmentation carried out with a special tool that injects the color into the skin. The difference between the two methodologies lies in the stretch that is carried out, and consequently in the result.

The pixel brows in fact consists in making gods small dots in the holes between the hairs of the eyebrows, taking advantage of the shadow of the existing hair. The effect is thus more natural and nuanced than microblading, in which strokes are drawn instead to reproduce the real hairs.

The pixel brows was born only a few years ago in the United States, and since then it has achieved great success, first among stars and then also among ordinary people, thanks to its delicacy and less intense and defined effect than other techniques. .

How is the treatment done?

The treatment it is performed exclusively in the beauty centers, by professionals, who have the right equipment and preparation. Although painless in fact, it is still a delicate treatment.

The execution takes place in two main sessions, then followed by any sessions to maintain the result. During the first session the realization of the morphological project, in other words, the best shape and definition are chosen for the client’s face and needs.

Through the use of a dermograph electric with little ones needles they are engraved tiny dots in a perfectly balanced way. In fact, by exploiting the shadows of the existing hairs, a thickening and a thickening is obtained thanks to these dots effect more natural than the tattoo. The dots and shadows also give a nuanced and delicate result, but at the same time defined.

After about 40 days from the first session, we proceed with one second session in which you pass to fix the pigment and redefine the result. In fact, the skin initially tends to purge external elements such as the color of the pigment, and it is necessary to review it when it has stabilized. The procedure is the same, but after the second session the effect is more lasting.

Before any procedure, an anesthetizing ointment is applied to the eyebrow area, so that the treatment is absolutely painless.

Benefits and results of the pixel brows

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The treatment of the pixel brows is in great demand in recent years, by those who want to define and thicken their eyebrows. To fully enjoy the benefits of microshading it is important that it is one considered choice and taken independently. It is not a permanent tattoo, from which there is no going back, but it is still a treatment aimed at modifying the appearance of one’s face in some way.

It is therefore essential not to follow fashions just for pleasure and homologation, just as it is not necessary to shave and make up your eyebrows every day to be able to leave the house.

If you want to try to define the eyebrows and enjoy the result to the full, the pixel brows has some benefits compared to other methods. First of all, it adapts to any type of skin, even the most sensitive since it does not irritate.

Also ideal for oily skin, with which other techniques instead make more effort, because it allows you to make more precise dots. Furthermore, for those who are used to covering any holes or asymmetries in the eyebrow arch with the eyebrow pencil, they can find a semi-permanent and lasting solution.

Finally, the result it’s a lot natural, but at the same time the eyebrow area appears well defined. In this way you can proceed with the hair removal only by removing the hairs that come out of the design. The treatment is painless and delicate.

Compared to the pixel brows, the world of aesthetics has not exhibited any contraindications regarding the health of the skin. The only downside may be that more sessions may be needed to make the effect more lasting.

Duration and cost of the pixel browser

There technique of the pixel brows is still relatively new, even if more and more beauty centers offer it. As we said earlier, the complete treatment involves two sessions, approximately 40 days apart. The time used in the sessions is of about an hour and a half, but it also varies according to the type of skin and the needs of the result.

The duration of treatment is also not always the same, and indeed it goes about one to three years. The time difference depends on the type of skin, the habits of the client, the more or less correct maintenance of the effect. It is usually recommended to carry out a retouching session at least once a year, in order to make the result as long-lasting as possible.

The cost of the treatment is quite high, and can change depending on the center and the professional who carries it out. Usually the prices of a session start from € 150 to reach even more than € 200. The total cost including the two core sessions therefore varies from € 400 to € 800. In short, a technique that is not exactly cheap, which owes its cost to the tools used, to the skill and competence of the beauticians who practice it, and to the multi-year duration of the treatment.

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