Pinterest, the unexpected social network where those under 25 are inspired to dress


Whether once you created a Pinterest board to prepare your wedding and now you don’t even remember the password as if you use it to inspire you in your periodic and low-cost living room redecorations, perhaps you are surprised to know that has established itself in recent months as an unexpected Social network of reference for those under 25 (and 20!).

Between the ironic tribute and the real appreciation, the truth is that Pinterest has 400 million active users per month (To contextualize, TikTok, for example, doubles that figure and Instagram exceeds 1,000 million), a number that the company itself does not consider as important as the percentage of ages that compose it.

As revealed by the platform, its Genz audience has grown more than 50% in the second quarter of the year, and the millennial audience has increased by 36%. New blood among its users that he already wanted Facebook for himself, and very juicy advertising revenue for reach the most difficult and most sought-after Internet users. Your income has made you fat 58% YoY and the company’s shares in October had multiplied in value.

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But … what are teenagers and post teenagers looking for on Pinterest, if they don’t usually have a room to decorate? Well, what yes they have a room (indie room is one of the searches that skyrocketed the most since April) and love for very specific trends in terms of fashion and beauty it means.

Pinterest: between joke and inspiration

Here we already talk about the cottage core and the dark academy, two aesthetics highly appreciated by those under 25, but it doesn’t stop there. The ease of integration of purchase buttons in the design from the platform itself makes it much easier to get hold of the looks you like and recreate them, and that may be one of the big pros of Pinterest for the zeta.

Further, provide inspiration It is in the nature of this social network, something very attractive when you are trying to find your style, change it or try new things and you are young and have a small budget. The less aspirational character of the app, in contrast to others such as Instagram or TikTok itself, where the image of oneself rules, allows users to be more themselves, more free.

There is also no lack of viral challenges in which Pinterest becomes an object of generational joke -but also a reference- such as ‘recreating pinterest outfits’, Youtube or TikTok videos in which teenagers imitate the most striking looks they have come across on their board, usually with Very early 2000s results.

In addition to fashion, searches on body positive, gender equality or mental health They have multiplied since zeta users have taken over the platform. From Pinterest, they offer a very interesting idea on how genz relate to this network unlike others: They use it to plan the future, not to post about the past. Seen like this, it makes sense that it earns a place in the hearts (and on the smartphone) of the youngest, those who still have everything to do.

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