Pinterest news: choose your skin tone with the Skin Tone Ranges filter


Finding the right inspiration for your beauty look on Pinterest finally takes on a whole new meaning. The protagonist? The inclusiveness. The discovery platform for visual inspiration has, in fact, introduced the Skin Tone Ranges function, dedicated to different skin tones. A fundamental value also for us at DMBeauty, which we will tell you in preview.

Let’s start with the data: on Pinterest, there are more than 80 million Pinners who have carried out beauty-themed searches in the last month. A constantly growing trend, which represents the perfect mirror of the needs and requirements of the Pinners, who rely on the visual discovery engine to seek inspiration and find ideas to save on their boards. And it is precisely from the need to personalize and share one’s individuality that Skin Tone Ranges is born, a function dedicated to skin color and different skin tones. An easy way to customize your search, without even having to add keywords, which allows you to reach a new level of inclusiveness. A key value also for the DMBeauty community, the first in Italy to be able to experience this new way of sharing tailor-made ideas and inspirations. The common goal is, of course, to personalize content. And respond to the diversified reality of the world of beauty and beyond.

Skin Tone Ranges: how does the new Pinterest filter work?

Finding the right look to achieve will really be a breeze thanks to Skin Tone Ranges. A Pinterest exclusive feature, which allows users to refine the search based on their skin tone. A very simple mechanism, which you can find out directly on the DMBeauty board, through the History Pins in collaboration with Moufida, alias itsmoufytraore, Anaias (anaiscurlylife) and Francesca D. (mademoiselle_fd) and which is simply customizing your search to show you only what you really need. An expansion of Pinterest that finally tells a world where diversity is an added value and inclusiveness is normality. In practice, adding the Skin Tone Ranges filter means filtering search results so that only interesting content is shown to the user. And related to the selected skin tone. The skin colors proposed by Pinterest are divided into 4 groups and allow you to refine your search by finding inspiration for all shades of skin.

A step towards the future and inclusivity

Skin Tone Ranges finally arrives in Italy and in 13 other countries, where the research dedicated to beauty and makeup is growing steadily. Just think of keywords like “light makeup”, up 70%. In fact, in a month, about 80 million Pinners carry out research on the subject of beauty and the Skin Tone Ranges filter could drastically improve the user experience on Pinterest. In fact, in the last year, about 5 times more Pinners have used this function to select their skin tone. And have a truly personalized experience on Pinterest. In fact, more and more social searches are aimed at finding products to try and not just simply looking for makeup inspo. This is why it is so important allow navigation that really meets all needs, making searches much more targeted. As well as, finally, truly inclusive.

Skin Tone Ranges is on DMBeauty’s Pinterest board

If you really want to know everything about how to best use Skin Tone Ranges to make your Pinterest board really “yours”, you just have to take a look at the DMBeauty page. Creators like Francesca D. and Anais will directly explain how this new feature finally introduced on Pinterest Italia works. A project that focuses on inclusiveness, a fundamental value also for us at DMBeauty and that we are delighted to share and support. And remember: Skin Tone Ranges will allow you to truly personalize your feed, showing you the best options for your skin tone. Without even adding a single keyword.

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