Pimples and blackheads on your face – where they appear indicates a lot of your health


The skin is the mirror of our health. If we are well, it is smooth, without imperfections, luminous. If we eat badly, or we are stressed or something is wrong, it loses brightness, the complexion becomes grayish, imperfections appear. But there is more: the imperfections of the face, according to the point in which they appear, indicate something specific. For example, if they appear on the forehead, the cause could be oily hair or partial makeup removal. But they could also mean something worse: for example, problems with the digestive system or the bladder. In order not to be mistaken, taking more water will be good. If pimples or blackheads always appear in the space between your eyebrows, it means that you abuse fatty foods or drink little water. If, on the other hand, your x-zone is the nose, know that it tends to react to emotional stress and poor circulation with blackheads and pimples. Similar problems could be a symptom of high cholesterol or that you consume too much alcohol and too many sweets. Get a grip on yourself. If the problem, however, is the imperfections around the lips, it is probably hormonal imbalances. Contact your gynecologist who will be able to tell you how to behave. Read on after the photo

The same goes for the chin: if this is where you get pimples or bubbles, you almost certainly have hormonal problems. But it could also be something else: for example, you may be dehydrated. Start eating a healthy diet and you are not wrong for sure. Do bubbles always appear on your temples? You are probably a little stressed and sleeping too little. Drink more and try to rest. The cheeks are particularly complicated: the upper part is tied to the chest, the lower part to the mouth, the left has a connection with the liver, the right with the lungs. In short, when pimples and spots appear in an excessive way on this area of ​​the body, it would be good to have a routine medical check-up. For example, blood tests. Read on after the photos

If your sensitive area is between the jaw and the jaw, you can’t lie: you’ve eaten too many sweets. And a little too many fatty foods too. If you want to reduce your problem, you should avoid eating sausages, dairy products, sugars and you should instead consume lots of fruits and vegetables. Is your neck more swollen than normal? See a doctor right away – there may be problems with your thyroid gland. Are there only pimples? The problem could be related to the low levels of progesterone produced by the body. The important thing is that you don’t stop listening to your body.

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