Pillow wrinkles: tips and products to avoid them


Have you ever heard of “sleep wrinkles”? Caused by the position in which we sleep these fine lines can result in real wrinkles. Thanks to the silk pillow and mask, as well as of course a correct skincare routine you can prevent them from becoming permanent

Pillow wrinkles: what they are and how they form

The pillow wrinkles or sleep, are signs that form on the face, neck and décolleté while we sleep. If before the “infamous 30” these signs disappear after a few hours with the passing of the years they can become – if not treated carefully – real wrinkles. Better to prevent them than to cure them!

Unlike the expression lines, pillow wrinkles focus on cheeks is eye contour (which often appears swollen in the morning), are asymmetrical and distributed mainly on the side of the face that remains in contact all night on the pillow.

Due to the face pressure on the pillow are a higher risk for those who sleep on their side, sinking their face during the night, in fact, according to experts, the best position to sleep and avoid pillow wrinkles is that a belly up. In addition to the position, a fundamental role in avoiding pillow wrinkles, the material on which we sleep also plays: after many studies it has been concluded that the best material to rest on is the silk.

Silk pillow: why is it good for the skin?

Ideal for avoid pillow wrinkles it is to take the good habit of replacing the pillowcase by choosing silk or satin as lining. These materials are particularly suitable because they allow the skin to slide, thus avoiding friction and the formation of wrinkles.

Furthermore the silk is a perfect material for the skin care. Its beneficial properties are many and now recognized by all the major beauty brands that have created ad hoc lines with this material.

Being a natural antibacterial it does not absorb the sebum produced by the skin during the night, avoiding the proliferation of bacteria that can lead to the development of imperfections. It also does not absorb the cosmetic products we apply during the night, so the skincare routine will remain only on your skin and not on the pillow!

Finally being a material hygroscopic it absorbs the water present in the environment allowing good transpiration, maintaining the correct level of moisture in the skin.

How to counteract the loss of collagen

The specific treatments for the night serve to nourish the skin while we sleep. During the “beauty sleep” the skin regenerates itself, producing collagen fibers, a substance that favors the cell renewal and disposes of accumulated waste, fighting free radicals.

The sleep it is therefore the main ally against tissue oxidation, caused by: sun rays, stress, smoke and metabolism. Lack of sleep has been shown to make the skin dull and dull, amplifying the presence of dark circles and swelling around the eyes.

Sleeping routine: retinol and collagen

After face cleaning it is important to dedicate yourself to evening skincare routine. Also called sleeping routine, it differs from the daily one through the use of more active cosmetic products, which allow the skin regeneration.

Among the active ingredients recommended for counteract pillow wrinkles we obviously find retinol is collagen, essential must-haves, to slow down skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is also recommended in the formulation of serums and creams because it causes skin tension and stimulates the natural collagen production.

Finally, to complete the sleeping routine pay attention to eye contour which must remain constantly hydrated with nourishing creams is decongestants. In this regard, we recommend using a silk night mask, as for the skin, this very soft fabric will allow cosmetic products to act all night and in the morning look will appear fresh is rested, without marks and swellings.

Gen-Hyal® EYES, Eye contour serum with anti-aging, moisturizing and draining active ingredients. Gen-Hyal Eyes is a eye contour serum with plant active ingredients with a marked draining and smoothing action, based on highly concentrated hyaluronic acid. Both active and budget for bags is I glanced. Price: € 32.95

Face D, Pure Energy Mist Caffeine. Energizing and rebalancing tonic: pure active concentrate of Caffeine (6%). Awakens and revitalizes tired and dull skin that needs to regain vitality. Price: 22

Youth to the People, Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask. This creamy night mask is the ultimate in hydration and radiance. Thanks to the powers of super berries rich in antioxidants, squalane and vitamin C, it will work all night to rehydrate and reveal softer, younger looking skin. Price: 36

Klorane, Anti-fatigue eye contour roll-on. Complete anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles and illuminating treatment suitable for all skin types, this eye contour reduces the signs of daily fatigue, with an immediate and long-lasting effect. The gaze appears immediately rested, as after a good night’s sleep. Price: 19.60

Collistar, Collagen Balm Cream. A treatment that ensures concentration, purity and efficacy of the active ingredient and thanks to the special ‘balm cream’ structure gives a surplus of nourishment and comfort to the epidermis. Price: 45 €

Francine Haircare, Eye Mask. 100% silk eye mask specially designed to improve the quality of sleep by preventing the formation of dark circles and wrinkles in a natural way, while you sleep. Price: 25

OffTopic, Natural Silk Pillowcase. 100% pure natural silk of the best quality: 22 momme grade 6A. Silk is hypoallergenic, breathable and anti-bacterial, ideal for skin and hair. Price: 59 €

I love myself, Multi-Peptide 20% Lifting Serum. is the renewed tensor serum based on 6 specific peptides which, working in synergy, interfere with the mechanism responsible for muscle contraction and help increase collagen synthesis. Price: 98.00 €

YourGoodSkin, Anti-Dark Circles Treatment. It improves the skin of the face and keeps it visibly healthier, for longer, in all the different phases of life, intervening in case of dull tone, impurities, imperfections, redness, dryness, shine, excess sebum and acne. Price: € 18.90

BioNike, Defense XAGE. Concentrated anti-aging vials, thanks to the botox-like vegetable active, it reduces wrinkles after an hour *. Redensifying Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid at different molecular weights help improve the support texture of the skin and contribute to deep hydration, for skin that feels plumped up. Vitamin C stabilized to favor a brighter and more homogeneous complexion. Treatment 14 vials x 1.2ml – Price: 49

Kora Organics, Turmeric Glow Moisturizer. A moisturizing and nourishing cream with a personalized liposome that specifically targets the appearance of hyperpigmentation, dark spots, a matte effect, fine lines or wrinkles. Price: € 57.99

ELEMENTA, CAFFEINE + GINSENG SOLUTION 3%. Concentrated solution in BIO Aloe Vera of Caffeine 2% and 1% BIO Ginseng extract.
Price: € 8.90

Caudalie, VINOPERFECT GLYCOLIC ANTI-SPOT NIGHT CREAM. Your corrective night treatment for an even and radiant complexion. Price: € 34.90

Filorga, Time-Filler Intensive / Multi-Correction Wrinkle Serum. Concentrated anti-wrinkle face and neck treatment, for a complete action on all types of wrinkles. Price: 65 €

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