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Karol Miranda

If you are up to date on fashion trends, you know that the knit cropped has it all! Besides being beautiful, it is versatile and stylish in the right measure. To prove it to you, we have separated products, inspirations and tutorials from this piece. Read the full story!

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8 knit cropped to call your own

We list some options that can help you choose the best outfit for you. Take a look:

1. Styles can vary widely

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2. And the colors too

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3. How about this cropped cardigan?

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4. This option is ideal for winter looks

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5. Gypsy modeling is a sure hit

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6. And the black knit cropped has no mistake

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7. Invest in prints

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8. Either way, there is a perfect piece for you!

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How not to fall in love? Bet on the knit cropped and rock without effort! For that, check out the following style tips.

30 photos of cropped knitting for the perfect look

The list of inspirations shows you how to combine your piece for a flawless look. Just follow the reading and take the test!

1. Let’s start with the classic cropped + jeans

Yasmim Stevam

2. Do you prefer vibrant colors

Karol Miranda

3. Or the earthy tones?

Yasmim Stevam

4. White goes with everything

Victoria Rocha

5. Comfy and stylish, the way we love it!

Giovanna Ferrarezi

6. The piece works very well on a daily basis

Camila COelho

7. And on many occasions

Paula Carolina

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8. It all depends on the composition you make

Aimee Song

9. This little set is all about a walk

Julia Rodrigues

10. How about investing in more fun pieces?

Karol Miranda

11. It is worth playing in the joy of colors

Yasmim Stevam

12. What do you think?

Thássia Naves

13. There are models that refer to a collegial footprint

Thalia Ferraz

14. As is the case with this sweater with pleated skirt

Francis Lola

15. Stripes are a good choice

Yasmim Stevam

16. And take the look out of the obvious

Nicolette Mason

17. This is a proposal that combines formality and style

Amanda Mendes

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18. This too

Dani Noce

19. When in doubt, go in jeans and sneakers

Bruna Vieira

20. It is always good to have wildcards, right?

Oriane Adjibi

21. This inspiration has a special charm up its sleeve

Karol Miranda

22. And speaking of mangoes, let’s not forget the puffers

Luisa Accorsi

23. Build a composition that has your face

ALex Michael May

24. The following ideas are for winter looks

Yasmim Stevam

25. Look how funny!

Kelly Augustine

26. And let’s go with more colors…

Nati Vozza

27. After all, cold days also deserve brightness

Jade Seba

28. You can already see that the knit cropped is all good, right?

Laura Jade Stone

29. So, throw yourself into the trend without fear


30. And rock it!

Camila Nunes

With these photos, it becomes easier to combine your knit cropped and be successful with the garment! Put the tips into practice and enjoy this breathtaking piece!

How to make a cropped knit

The video sequence teaches you how to make your own knit cropped. Is ready? Take the materials and start DIY!

Wide handle cropped in knitting

This is a very complete tutorial to make a perfect knitting tank top! You will only need cotton thread, knitting needle, a marker, scissors and tapestry needle. And then, get to work!

Cropped knit t-shirt

Following the steps of this video, you will have a beautiful shirt made by yourself! Play the tutorial and enjoy your work of art! It’s simple and practical!

Cropped with lozenges in knitting

This is a slightly more elaborate option, but nothing that practice and patience does not solve! Click on the video and follow the step by step. If necessary, pause and rewind the video to make your piece with great care and affection. And good luck!

So, ready to enjoy your knitting cropped? Also check out these inspirations of wide leg jeans for a mega fashionista look!

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