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Gio Antonelli

The cropped shell is a trend that has been successful for its different and stylish design! To help you put together looks with yours and even create one, we list inspirations and incredible tutorials. Check out!

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30 photos of cropped seashells that are pure charm

The following looks will prove that this cropped outfit is sure to be a hit! Take a look:

1. The cropped shell is this model full of ruffles

Gabriela Sales

2. It varies in colors and ways of tying

Giördanä Serrano

3. The important thing is to create this shell aspect

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4. Generally, in the back it is like this

Gio Antonelli

5. Seriously, a hit, right?

Giördanä Serrano

6. It elevates the looks

Flávia Pavanelli

7. With jeans it’s right

Myllena Dalla

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8. But what about a little set?

Bia Gremion

9. Look at that stripped-down look

Dani Nogueira

10. This one combines casualness and elegance

Jessica Pereira

11. We are in love!

Gabriela Kassis Bravo

12. The cropped shell is ideal for a stroll

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13. And can even be used as a bikini

Paola Antonini

14. All the best, right?

Edith Gomes

15. Because it is fashion, fresh and versatile

Monroe Steele

16. Black is perfect for those looking for a wild card

Jessica Pereira

17. Then you can abuse the accessories

Gabriela Sales

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18. Cropped shell + baguette bag = double trend

Isabela Baccarini

19. And speaking of a trend, how about this proposal with short godê?

Edith Gomes

20. Some models have a differentiator

Julia Rodrigues

21. In this case, the sleeves add a special touch

Manu Calegari Kauche

22. Here, the ruffles are only at the top

Amanda Mendes

23. It’s worth betting on satin

Mari Gonzalez

24. This inspiration is for those who love to leave their backs out

Maria Eugenia Luz

25. This combination is impeccable!

Gabriela Kassis Bravo

26. Oh, and it’s worth combining with your friend too

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27. You are the boss

Eloá Marcela

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28. The important thing is to feel powerful

Elizabeth Rahajeng

29. And confident, of course

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30. Because the cropped shell can handle the rest!

Giördanä Serrano

So, ready to rock the piece? Wait a second! In the sequence you learn to make your own cropped to leave the look with your face!

How to make a cropped shell

Time to work: the following videos will help you make a cropped shell of respect! Drop play and get to work!

Easy shell cropped

Follow the steps to make this piece simply and quickly! You will only need to make a small seam. Click on the video, play and voilá: a perfect cropped shell that shows all your style!

Seamless shell cropped

This tutorial is for those who do not want to sew, because they only need fabric glue, elastic and the fabric you prefer! It is unbelievable how fast and easy it is. Look at the video and take the test!

Transforming a T-shirt into a cropped shell

Did I hear customization? Yes! Do you know that T-shirt you no longer wear? Take it, scissors and fabric glue. The lacing cord is with the fabric of the blouse itself! Check out the step by step and enjoy your new piece!

Now it’s up to you! Invest in the cropped shell and be successful there! For a complete look, choose your favorite shorts model and rock it!

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