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Bushy, full and thick: they are called bushy brows and are the trend of the moment with an eyebrow theme. Are you curious to know more? Here’s everything you need to know for bush-looking, super glam eyebrows!

The time has come for a rematch expected for years: the bushy brows it’s trendy eyebrows that you need to know and, if you like them, try. Unlike soap brows, these brows are full-bodied, thick and full.

Do not put the tweezers away, hair removal must never be missing, and not even a pencil and fixative gel, these eyebrows which seem almost left to chance actually have a very careful and studied routine made up of gels, soaps and much more.

Curious to find out how to make the bushy brows? Here you will find the step by step guide for a trendy and out of the ordinary look.

What are bushy brows

Bushy, full, full-bodied and bushy: yes, you read that right. Bushy means bush and, at a glance, these brows look just like that. But if you think of an overgrown and poorly cared for bush, you are quite wrong.

Bushy brows are full, bushy, natural but carefully designed combed and cared for. Probably not a suitable style and that may not appeal to everyone, but after years of thin eyebrows, almost non-existent, who have suffered violent trauma from spinzettettamento and which with difficulty have begun to grow again, the time has come to give space to full and full-bodied looks.

How to make bushy brows

If you are one of the few lucky people with dream eyebrows, bushy and naturally full you have all our envy and, in this case, making the bushy brows is easier than you think.

Clean the excess of eyebrows with tweezers or with wire hair removal and then all you have to do is comb them for the desired effect. The trick here is to bring everything up combing them with a synthetic fiber brush (you can also use an old, clean and well-cleaned mascara).

If, on the other hand, yours eyebrows have suffered irreparable damage due to the 90s and early 2000s, you must know that, in addition to resorting to lamination, there is the possibility of simulating this type of effect with a little patience and the right products.

Armed with pipe cleaner, angled brush and a bar of soap (or an eyebrow gel) and start following our look tips step by step.

Fill in your brows

To have eyebrows full, even when mother nature has decided the opposite, the first step is to fill the shape with color in order to reproduce the single hair. To draw the eyebrows choose from ointments, pencils automatic or to be tempered, colored gels or powders: everything is in your dexterity and in the product that least complicates your life.

Follow yours natural pattern of the arch and create strokes similar to small hairs for a natural and full effect: if you use the angled brush you just need to press lightly, otherwise with the pencil you can draw a light and very thin line. Our suggestion is to start applying the product to the center of the eyebrow so that the front never feels too heavy.

Comb and fix

Once the color is applied it is time to comb and fix the eyebrows. To do this you can use a brush sprayed with a little lacquer or passed on a slightly damp neutral bar of soap (if you do not know the soap brows we talked about it here) or choose a gel or soap product designed specifically for this step. Products that contain both the brush and the fixative and that can be easily transported even for a last minute touch-up.

Starts to brush the eyebrow hair with an upward movement and, once the front part is finished, continue directing the hair outwards. Use the pipe cleaner carefully, it will also allow you to vanish any lumps of product thus leaving a decidedly natural effect.

Once done, you can also press on the eyebrows with your fingers to fix the shape and hair.

The must-have products for bushy brows

To make bushy brows in a workmanlike manner it is good to select and use the right products. Texture, finish, formulations and color: the variables involved are so many and finding the right product may not be easy, for this reason we have selected the best of that you should add to your make-up routine.

And remember: the filler color of the eyebrows must not be too dark and, above all, never black!

Espressoh – Hey BrOh, fixing gel that shapes, defines and fixes them

Deborah Milano – 24ORE BROW FIBER PENCIL, pencil to give volume and fullness to the eyebrows.

It Cosmetics – Brow Power Powder, waterproof eyebrow powder easy to use with an angled brush

Fleeky – Brow soap, for thicker eyebrows from day to day and to shape them as you prefer. With brush applicator.

Charlotte Tilbury – Bow Fix, A long-lasting gel that moisturizes and fixes the eyebrows with an invisible final effect

Anastasia Beverly Hills – DIPBROW® PomadeGel, eyebrow cream

Wycon – Kit painting eyebrow, kit for eyebrows with pochettina and brush

Morphe – eyebrow cream, silky buildable cream formula for natural or full and full looks.

Catrice – Eyebrow Pencil, ideal for simple application and for a defined and shaped look

Astra Make-up – Geisha Brows Micro Precision Pencil, removable lead pencil ideal for those who want a microblading effect

Iconic London – Set with toothbrush for a delicate and long lasting soap brows effect

Make up Revolution SOAP STYLER – Eyebrow gel with brush applicator

Fenty Beauty – Brow MVP Sculpting Brow Wax Pencil & Styler, eyebrow wax with waterproof formula resistant to water and sweat

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