Perfect fund for the summer: all the tips to find the right one


When it is hot, finding the right base, which does not melt after a while but at the same time avoids the mask effect is not easy, but if you follow this little instruction manual your face will be radiant all summer.

In summer the girls They are divided into two large categories: those that the make up word they don’t even want to hear about it and leave their face with soap and water; and those that instead they don’t give up on makeup even when temperatures soar. There is no winning team between the two, as each has pros and cons. If you are part of the make up team, you know very well how the most difficult product to adapt to the summer season is the fund, which if not appropriate with the heat tends to melt irremediably or damage the skin.

Today, however, the formulations are truly endless and by learning well how to move you shouldn’t run into nasty surprises.

So here it is everything you need to know about the fundor perfect for your summer days.

Think about skincare first

One of the most granitic certainties of the summer is that sweat more in every part of the body, face included, and the most evident sign of this phenomenon is the shinier skin and pores more dilated than the rest of the year.

For this, before even thinking about the bottom, it is necessary to remember to take care of the skin specifically, cleansing and moisturizing it as always but trying to avoid products that are too heavy, which struggle to absorb.

If, in fact, an oily patina remains on the surface of the face, any background finds it difficult to fix, and its effect lasts very little.

Don’t forget the primer

This beauty product is used above all by super addicted to make up e often forgotten from all the others. However the primer is very useful because in addition to even out the skin and to make the perfect base for the next steps, allows the primer pigments to better cling to the skin, and therefore for the product to last longer.

Let your skin breathe

After taking care of the base, move on to the fund choice, to do according to your skin type but which in the summer must still follow the principle of do not block the pores excessively but let the epidermis breathe as much as possible.

No matte is better

During the warmer months it would be much better to avoid the extremely opaque foundation and dal finish matte, which although precious to camouflage discolorations and small defects, they do not suit the beating sun and in extreme heat.

Artifact effect around the corner

The risk, using them, is to get a mask effect certainly not welcome, and that does not go well with the holiday and graceful mood that characterizes the summer.

Yes to light formulas

For a skin free from discoloration, but at the same time fresh and with the most natural appearance possible, the watchword is only one: lightness.


Cream background

Following this mantra, the ideal background for summer that’s what it is there but you can’t see it. Excellent cream versions, which can be spread with the brush or in a much easier way, simply with your fingers.


Water-based or illuminating

In the category of super approved liquid funds in hot weather, there are several sub-groups that are worth keeping an eye on. Among the most interesting news of recent years, the funds they contain in their formulas also a percentage of water that dilutes the pigments, making them even lighter and impalpable.

Another super top alternative to having a sparkling face is to choose illuminating funds, that is, they have small iridescent particles inside them.

Similar textures combine in a single product the properties of foundation e those of illuminating, making the moment dedicated to make-up much easier and faster.


Compact or mineral base

The latter two types are absolutely not banned in summer but being much less moisturizing, yesonly use them if your skin doesn’t dry out too muchotherwise the effect may not be the best.


Never forget sunscreen

There Sun protection on the face in summer it should always be worn, but if you wear makeup you can skip the specific step e to choose directly a fund that already contemplates it internally. This is not a difficult mission since they are now many brands that have decided to equip all products dedicated to the face with a protective factor against UVA and UVB rays.


Fund alternatives

If your goal is to have a radiant or even complexion all year round but the idea of ​​applying a fund in August horrifies you, don’t worry, there are much easier solutions but equally valid.

BB Cream and CC Cream

Often confused with each other, these products beauty, halfway between make up and skincare, have slight differences.

There BB Cream it is none other than one cleansing cream with the addition of a small amount of primer, which while hydrating also gives a slight color; while the CC Cream has as its primary action that of even out the complexion. The latter is more deficient in terms of hydration, therefore more suitable for those with combination or oily skin.

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