Perfect foundation for summer: why use only light powder?


If in hot weather you prefer not to use foundation but are looking for a product that gives you an even and shiny skin, try powder.

In summer, one of the most popular make-up choices is that of lighten the fund and set aside the foundation for a few months heavy formulas, in favor of lighter ones or simple BB Cream or CC Cream. If not even these solutions satisfy you, however, we have an even softer idea to offer you, able to give you a perfect complexion: how about use only powder?

This product is often chosen only to fix make-up but in reality hides a lot of potential, and although its covering capacities are certainly not comparable to full-bodied funds, in summer it can represent an excellent compromise between an important basic make-up and a total no make-up.

If you are not used to using powder, or do not know its characteristics, here you are some reasons for which you should definitely consider insert it into your summer make-up routine.

It does not weigh down the skin

In summer, inevitably, due to the temperatures that splash upwards, the heat and the almost constant sun, the skin sweats much more than in other seasons and needs to breathe more.

This does not mean that using the classic foundation is bad, as long as you prefer light formulas that allow this process.

By opting for the face powder, this problem does not arise, since it is characterized by a very light formula, and underneath it is not strictly necessary to use other products, except that of a sunscreen that in summer you should not forget under any circumstances.

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Gives a natural look

Precisely because it allows the skin to transpire without weighing it down, the powder gives an extremely natural look. The most suitable type for those who aim for the classic trick that is there but is not seen is that transparent.

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Why choose the transparent one

Translucent or transparent face powder it is one of those products that no makeup-loving girl should not have because its properties are manifold.

For one thing, it’s great for secure the foundation e all other pigments previously applied, including eye shadows, eye pencils and mascara. Its transparency, in fact, makes it Invisible and its application does not alter the underlying colors but helps them stay where you put them for many hours.

In summer it is also perfect alone because enhances the natural color of your skin without changing it.

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Compact or loose powder

There transparent powder is commercially available in two formats: in loose or compact powder. Among these options there is not a very large one difference, therefore the choice is based almost exclusively on a question of practicality and how you like to apply face products.

The version in dust, in fact, it definitely needs greater precision, in order to avoid spreading it everywhere, and there drafting is done with the large brush, with wide and soft bristles, to be moved on the face with light and circular movements.

There compact powder, on the other hand, exactly like funds of this type, it is applied with the special sponge.

If you’re not super expert in powder, get started with this one second option is the most suitable. Furthermore, you can always carry it with you and proceed with ease throughout the day to make last minute adjustments.

Fights the shiny effect

If used alone as we advise you to do in these summer months, powder absorbs excess sebum, masking the possible presence of enlarged pores e by returning the shiny effect to the sender.

If that’s your goal though, that in loose powder is decidedly most recommended because it absorbs sweat much better and its matting capabilities are much higher.

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Even out the complexion

In addition to the transparent face powder, let’s not forget that there is also the colored version, the perfect summer alternative to the classic fund, in case you are looking for a covering product but not too much.

Choose it carefully and of the color closest to your complexion, so as not to create a noticeable chromatic break at the point where the application ends.

Also with regard to colored powder, the main advantage is that of mattify the complexion by eliminating the shiny effect but having non-transparent pigments it can prove to be aally more in case of small imperfections.

Furthermore, despite having a minimal covering action, its light and very thin texture leaves the skin soft, silky and never dry.

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Excellent for fixing the concealer

If even if you don’t want to weigh down your face too much, not do you want give up a thread of concealer on dark circles or on that pimple who just doesn’t want to leave, do it without fear of getting a bi-color effect.

It is enough indeed spread a veil of colored powder over the concealer, which in addition to fixing the product will make everything extremely harmonious.

Brighten the face

In summer more than ever it is essential to shine and even in this case your friend face powder can come to the rescue, especially if you don’t like the idea of ​​using too many products, but are looking for quick solutions that with a few simple gestures give you a glow appearance.

They exist in fact powders with illuminating or pearly particles inside, and which are therefore enough on their own to give the face a three-dimensionality and a light never seen before.

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