Perfect foundation for summer: why use only light powder?


Foundation, bb cream or cc cream? Which one is better to use during the summer to always guarantee a perfect and lasting base? What a dilemma! But not if you know all the features of these products. To be able to choose with confidence the one that is closest to your needs!

Summer is well known, it brings with it many positive aspects and moments of unforgettable fun. But also some small (and more or less visible) problems to be solved. An example? Choosing the perfect bottom to give your skin a homogeneous complexion and a fresh and healthy appearance. Here, then, that a question creeps into the mind: to achieve the desired result better to opt for foundation, bb cream or cc cream?

A real dilemma, especially if you are not familiar with these products and their different characteristics. Here, then, is everything you need to know to choose the make-up more suitable for the summer season and to your needs. To get a look-proof and heat-proof make-up!

Foundation what a passion (even in summer?)

Let’s face it clearly, for some of us foundation is truly a must-have make-up product. It does not matter what season of the year you are or what level of heat the thermometer reaches. The foundation remains, whatever the cost.

Here, then, it becomes necessary to understand how to best use it during the summer. And this is because, regardless of our more or less consolidated habits, there are things that must be at least partially changed, including the fund. And the reasons are different:

  • higher temperatures;
  • the texture of the product;
  • the composition more or less suitable for the season;
  • the variations of our skin, both in terms of color and ease of perspiration.

perfect foundation foundation apply

In short, loving foundation is fine but to guarantee your face a state of the art make-up it is necessary (not to say mandatory) pay attention to how and which one you use.

Which foundation to choose?

For a perfect base, therefore, that lets the skin breathe avoiding the annoying shiny effect typical of high temperatures (caused by the increase of sebum in the skin) it is good to opt for one light texture:

  • oil free, indicated a particular way for oily skin;
  • to mineral base, perfect for leaving the pores free and, therefore, suitable for those with acne-prone skin or prone to the formation of blackheads;
  • mat, ideal for dulling the face and suitable for oily or combination skin;
  • with a SPF protection factor incorporated into the foundation.

And obviously by varying the product according to the chromatic changes of your complexion. But not only.

Small tricks for a perfect base

If for your perfect bottom (and one that lasts all day) you want to opt only and exclusively on the foundation, it is necessary to resort to some small stratagem. Among these, for example, it is always appropriate:

  • bring with you absorbent tissues, dab the skin if necessary and eliminate excess sweat from the face;
  • previously apply a primer, perfect for keeping perspiration under control and for dulling the skin;
  • finish your make up that one fixing spray, preventing the foundation from leaking throughout the day.

A few simple steps to add to your beauty routine (or in your bag) to preserve your make-up and have a perfect bottom and an always flawless face. From morning to evening.

perfect tissue background

Perfect base in summer: green light for BB cream

Just as there are those who are very faithful to the foundation, there are also those who “no matter what” just have a perfect, light, natural bottom and that it does not need too many tricks. In a word, or rather two letters, the BB Cream (aka Beauty Blemish Balm). A real face cream with a slightly colored effect.

perfect bottom bb cream

A product made in Korea perfect for the hot season. And this is because, in addition to having a light texture that therefore does not weigh down the skin, it is able to even out the complexion of the skin, making it more homogeneous and giving it a bright and super nature look. But not only.

BB Cream also has moisturizing, anti-aging and nourishing properties and, in some formulations, it already contains a protection factor to protect the skin from the sun. Besides being very simple to use. To do this, simply:

  • warm a small amount in your hands (even with the help of a brush);
  • spread it evenly with a light massage on the face, starting from the center towards the outside.

Ideal for those who want a natural and not very covering effect.

perfect bottom bb cream brush

And for imperfections?

The BB cream, in fact, while also slightly hiding any small imperfections, smoothing the complexion of the face, does not have a high covering power, because this is not its purpose.

If, then, your goal is to eliminate and hide imperfections that can form on the skin, this is not the most effective product. Better to always have the inevitable corrector with you!

CC cream, for a perfect summer and base

A very small inconvenience that can be easily overcome by the evolution of BB cream, or the CC cream (Color Control Cream). Thanks to its richer formulation, both in terms of hydration and pigmentation, it positions itself exactly in the middle between the classic foundation and the cream. Going to nourish and moisturize the skin and also correct any imperfections. Like acne, sun spots, redness, wrinkles. But always without weighing the skin down.

A complete cosmetic product, therefore, that can be used alone, without adding foundation. Ideal for not “suffocating” the skin, especially when high temperatures already tend to stress it, still guaranteeing a perfect base.

perfect base covering cc cream

How to use?

And using it is really very simple, as much as a normal foundation, blending it from the center of the face outwards. With your hands or with a sponge and avoiding the eye area. And from always apply after your normal moisturizer.

perfect bottom cc cream

Depending on your needs, preferences or, why not, even your curiosity to experiment with a new product, you can therefore choose what to use, in total safety. Always taking into account the different characteristics of each and the fact that the best make-up you can use is the one that mother nature has given you. Because even without anything on the face you are and will always be beautiful!

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