Perfect foundation for summer: what not to do if you put on foundation


There are those who just can’t give up on summer foundation: this product for many people is considered the inseparable ally to have a perfect complexion and a firmer complexion. Unlike what you think, during the summer it is not impossible to use this cosmetic: however, pay attention to how apply it!

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Those who madly love make-up cannot give up foundation even in summer: this product sublimates the complexion giving it a healthy, beautiful and well-groomed appearance, covering imperfections. This product is now more and more thought in versions suitable for the hot season, with very light textures and the indispensable presence of SPF to defend against the action of the sun’s rays. To use it correctly, without obtaining the mask effect that is completely unnatural and does not let the skin breathe, follow our advice on 5 things not to do when you apply the cosmetic.

Do not use a foundation containing SPF

The foundation containing SPF is a product that cannot be missing in the beauty case during the summer season (but not only). Its power consists in covering imperfections and making the complexion homogeneous, protecting the skin from the sun. In addition, compared to the traditional cosmetic, this version certainly helps prevent the formation of spots and premature aging of the skin. Remember that it should not be substituted for actual protection, but that it still plays a very important role in helping the epidermis not to be affected by the harmful action of UV rays.

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Apply any foundation

Funds containing SPF are generally also resistant to water (and therefore to sweat). Choose one with low protection usually if you apply a sunscreen below 50 and rate the product based on yours phototype.

As for the formulation, it all depends on the type of skin. If yours tends to get annoyed easily, choose one moisturizing texture, rich and nutritious. If you have the oily skin or mixed, we recommend that you opt for a mineral compact cosmetic. But if you don’t want to give up the creamy texture, make sure it’s oil free. This way you will apply a light foundation to your face, almost imperceptible, which will not shine your face.


Finally, for the choice of the color more suitable, try to apply a small amount on the neck. If it looks even with respect to the complexion, then it’s perfect for you!

Forget about putting powder on if you have combination or oily skin

Especially in summer, combination and oily skins, due to high temperatures and sweat, tend to get polished on the t zone. Fortunately, there is a remedy for this annoyance: the face powder! Many mistakenly think that this product clogs pores and does not let the skin transpire. In fact, today there are many light formulations on the market, but which give a beautiful appearance to the complexion. Think that this product can also be used alone to enhance your complexion, sublimating it.

If you want to use the powder in combination with the foundation, apply it after having made your base to fix the product and make it last longer, making it more opaque. If inevitably, after a few hours, you have a “greasy” nose and forehead, you can apply a powder, possibly in loose powder, to absorb excess sebum. So always keep it in your bag for small tweaks!

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Do not change the concealer combined with the foundation during the summer

As well as the foundation, during the summer, it must be taken of a shade suitable for the color you take with the tan, even the corrector must be chosen darker.

During the summer, dark circles tend to darken even more easily with a tan, so there are those who mistakenly think that to counter them it is necessary to use lighter shades to “contrast”. Actually, you have to go for orange or peach shades. In this way, you avoid darkening your eyes and making the rest of your face gray, taking on a less radiant and healthy look.

Keep in mind that the appearance of dark circles varies depending on the day and depends on various factors, both related to the skin and to our psycho-physical condition (fatigue does not help at all!). One idea to solve the problem could be to buy a much darker concealer than the one you already have and mix the two, mixing and dosing them as needed.

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Try to reproduce the sunkissed effect with products with a cold undertone

The bronzers used in winter, especially for contouring, are generally cold because they have the aim of sculpting the face by creating plays of shadows. They are clearly not good during the summer, when the skin takes on warm and intense tones.

Choose warm blush and bronzer, allows you to take on a radiant, healthy and attractive appearance, enhancing your tan even more. If you are a lover of mauve blush, for example, you will have to give it up during the hot season. If you keep using it, you risk turning off your face and making it look gloomy. Instead, opt for peach, apricot or coral shades: you will see that the luminous and radiant effect obtained will conquer you!

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