Perfect foundation for summer: 5 things to know if you want to use foundation


Summer foundation, yes or no? If you too are part of the “never without” foundation, here are some useful tips to apply it in the right way, choosing the product that best suits the needs of the skin in summer. For a flawless make-up at any time of day (and night).

In summer, thanks to the days spent at the beach or in the pool, the heat, the heat and the increase in sweating, put on make-up and make sure that the make up remains flawless all day long (or even just for a few hours), it can be really difficult. At the limit of a mission impossible. Especially when it comes to foundation.

A product that is indispensable for many but which, during the summer, needs some tricks more than usual. To guarantee you a look-proof, resistant make-up that does not oblige you to more or less improvised last-minute touch-ups. In short, a make-up done to perfection, in the right way and with the right products. Here, then, is all that is important to know to use (if you really need it) the foundation in the summer. At any time of day or night.

Choose a foundation with the right texture

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing to use summer foundation is that the skin, depending on the season, has different needs. In summer, in fact, as temperatures rise, the skin tends to sweat more. And this can lead to dissolving the cosmetics you apply to it, including the much-loved foundation. Creating an annoying shiny effect and preventing the skin from breathing.

For this reason, at the time of purchase, it is good to turn to a targeted product, different from the one you use in the colder months (yes, even if it is your favorite). By opting for a foundation with a light texture it’s better if:

  • to mineral base, which do not weigh down the skin and do not block the pores. Ideal for acne sufferers or blackheads;
  • free oils, especially indicated for oily skin;
  • foundation with a built-in protection factor;
  • mat, excellent for combination and oily skin as it mattifies and evens the skin, to be chosen from the powder formulations.

foundation texture

What if you really don’t want to change “the usual” foundation?

In case you just can’t leave your comfort zone and still want to opt for your “usual” foundation, it is good to try to lighten it up a little. Diluting it with moisturizer or sunscreen.

Thus obtaining a formulation more suitable for high temperatures and able to give you a uniform and homogeneous complexion.

homogeneous foundation

If your skin color changes, your foundation needs to change too

It may seem trivial but too often, clinging to koala ways to your habits, you don’t pay attention to a detail that is really fundamental for a perfect make-up: as well as the skin changes its color natural in favor of a splendid tan, even the foundation must follow this change. In fact, how many times, taken by haste or lack of attention, have you not considered this aspect?

Certainly many. The result? One totally unnatural color detachment between your face and the rest of your body. That’s why, for a state of the art make-up with a super nature effect, it is good to consider the color of your skin after exposure to the sun and choose a suitable foundation shade, which recalls the tone (or which for at least it is not totally different). Maybe trying it on a small portion of skin first for verify its homogeneity. A little trick for a real make-up artist’s makeup.

color change foundation

Brush or sponge?

Although they exist two distinct teams between those who prefer to use the brush for the drafting of the foundation and those who, on the other hand, love to use the sponge, it must be said that the latter, during the summer season, does a more complete job (and in fact the final result also benefits a lot).

The sponge, in fact, in addition to being very comfortable, allows you to apply foundation with precision, avoiding accumulations of product and eliminating the excess. And, at the same time, “drying” the skin during its use. By doing so, the make-up will be much more homogeneous, airy and with greater resistance to heat. Very good reasons to open the doors (at least for the summer) to a different team than usual. After all, battles are also won thanks to good alliances!

sponge foundation

Summer foundation? Yes but with the “trick”

Makeup has its own tricks too! And the foundation is no exception. Unfortunately, sweating is one of those things that, more or less, cannot be controlled. To ensure that it does not become a problem, however, neither for you nor for your make-up (creating a glossy patina on the face) it is more than right to rely on some small and harmless stratagem: the absorbent tissues.

That is gods very thin sheets of absorbent paper, to always keep with you, to be used if necessary for pat the skin and eliminate sweat excess from the face. Guaranteeing your foundation a perfect, homogeneous and long-lasting hold as long as you need to have fun and enjoy your summer day or evening.

tissue foundation

Primer, foundation and …

Finally, for a truly flawless make-up and to ensure that your foundation performs its function in an optimal way, it is good to give it a little help, previously applying a primer. A great product for control sweating, dull the skin and reduce sebum production. And a perfect ally for prevent the foundation from melting for the heat, ensuring maximum hold throughout the day. But not only.

For a trick for true connoisseurs, the final touch is still missing!

… the fixing spray

Similar to the primer but that applies as a closure of your make up, lo fixing spray it allows you to “fix” the foundation (just like a hairspray does) eliminating the risk of it dripping during the day or changing its color, creating unwanted effects on your face.

Notwithstanding that, also thanks to the help of the sun (and always with the right protection) the your skin in the summer will change its color, giving you a “warmer”, golden and more complexion absolutely irresistible, with or without foundation. A valid opportunity, for those who want, to let the skin breathe, showing it off in a simple and natural way. Enjoying a summer in which the protagonist will be only your innate charm.

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