Perfect breasts: here is the secret to a firm and screaming décolleté


Having perfect breasts is every woman’s dream. Without resorting to plastic surgery it is difficult to remedy a slightly worn décolleté. Whenever we see the photos of the stars, we wonder how they always look so perfect, especially when they claim that they have not passed under the doctor’s hands. Among these there is certainly Kim Kardashian who makes no secret of her tweaks and we all know how instead her ‘added’ butt is a pride for her. In any case, Kanye West’s wife has revealed a fundamental secret of charm and sex appeal that concerns the A side. This remedy, rather funny, is not only advocated by socalite, but also by many bloggers who speak enthusiastically about it. Now this ‘holy hand’ is not a permanent solution, but it will allow you to show off a high and firm breast whenever you want to wear a plunging neckline. Kim has posted photos showing that everything can be solved with simple duct tape. That’s right, you understood very well: common adhesive tape can really solve your problems. (continues after photo)


“Just lift the breasts with duct tape. Some work is needed, but trust me, it’s definitely worth it ”. Yes, you got it right: Kim Kardashian uses a very wide and flesh-colored tape to go unnoticed under her clothes, which is able to hold up the breasts and which practically allows her to wear any dress without fear of sagging. She confessed it herself on Instagram, revealing the mystery behind her generous breasts always in place. As she claims, it takes some time to get it all sorted out, but it’s worth it. Of course if you then meet the man of your dreams and he sees that scaffolding, maybe he might get scared. But we are talking about Kim Kardashian, after all, let’s not forget it. (continue after the photos)

To get the perfect effect Kim also gives some fundamental advice. For example, she explained that there is no need to smear oil, lotions or creams on the body, just before resorting to her beauty secret: “Make sure your skin is not greasy with lotions, oils or creams when you are lifting breasts with adhesive tape “. Finally, he advised fans to prepare psychologically, before removing the duct tape. The process, in fact, could be painful: “Take courage when the time comes to remove everything. Also because I advise you to focus on the tape that has the most adhesive capacity, to avoid accidents along the way “.

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