Peel-off lipsticks: what are they? Pros and cons and the best

La moda dei rossetti peel-off, la novità del make up che arriva dalla Corea

THE lipsticks peel-off, also called tattoo for their long life, they are a novelty of the make-up which is having success in the last period. They are lip tints that are applied normally and, once dry, the film that forms is pulled away, leaving the lips colored. They come from South Korea and there are many tints different.
Let’s see how they work and what are the best peel-off lipsticks on the market.

Peel-off lipsticks: what are they?

Peel-off lipsticks are gods lip tints much appreciated especially by the new generations, for theirs practicality and variety of colors. It is a new way of applying lipsticks that comes from South Korea and it is also spreading in Italy especially in the last year. Peel-off it literally means “remove”, but also “peel, peel” and in fact the function mode consists precisely in removing the film that is created.

There are many on the market different colors, suitable for every phototype is complexion. They have been very trendy since they landed from South Korea in the European and Italian market. They are liked not only for the practicality of use, but especially for theirs long duration, which arrives until 12 hours without having to go through it again.

Also they are no-transfer, therefore the lipstick does not remain on glasses and napkins during dinners or evenings, and is maintained even after a few kisses. The shades offered are many: not only classic colors, but also shades for those who want to be more daring.

How do peel-off lipsticks work?

Peel-off lipsticks are easy to use, but you have to be patient at the beginning, as they are an innovation that is still little known and used. The lipstick has the texture similar to a gel and comes in convenient vials. Yes apply on the lips like a normal lipstick and wait 10 to 15 minutes, until it dries. Finally, just remove the film that is created, and the color is printed on the lips.

It may seem like a painful operation, especially if your lips are a little dry, but the best products leave them behind soft lips and fresh, thanks to some contained substances. As we said, the duration it is very long, so it is not necessary to repeat the application unless you have to stay outside for longer. For to remove the lipstick is used a common makeup remover for water-proof products, and a gentle scrub for the most stubborn parts.

Advantages and disadvantages of peel-off lipsticks

The peel-off lipsticks, compared to other cosmetics we are more used to, has several advantages, but also disadvantages. The gloss with peel-off innovation:

  • has a long duration, which also reaches 12 hours;
  • is no-transfer, that is, it does not remain on food and glasses and is not lost with kisses or drinks;
  • is water-proof;
  • not sticky, since it is dried and adheres well to the lips;
  • does not stain, precisely because it is not transferable;
  • is moisturizing for the lips.

There are also some contraindications the use of this type of make-up, which concern for example the application: theirs consistency makes them a bit complicated to apply with the brush, and it is therefore important to learn how to apply them using the vial directly, without smudging. Furthermore, even if this disadvantage is limited by the composition of the lipsticks, which contain natural extracts such as papaya, blackberries and blueberries, thevery long use of peel-off products may dry out the lips.

Peel-off lipsticks: the best 5 on the market

Thanks to diffusion that peel-off lipsticks are having, it is now possible to buy many brands of gloss peel-offs, not only of Korean origin. Let’s see the best 5 on the market, can be purchased in perfumery or online.

1. Wow! by Romantic Bear

peel off lipsticksSource: Amazon

The peel-off lipsticks Originals Wow! by Romantic Bear they can be found on Amazon, in convenient tubes of 6 different colors. They are water-proof, long lasting, hypoallergenic is Preservative free. They also contain minerals, vitamins, and natural ingredients. According to the product description, they also bring benefits anti-aging to the lips.
Available on Amazon for € 15.

2. Berrisom’s Oops My Lip Tint Pack

peel off lipsticksSource: Web

The lipsticks Oops My Lip Tint Pack by Berrisom is a product of a Korean brand which produces peel-off gloss. You can buy them on Amazon in 8 shades ranging from Pure Pink to Sexy Red. Also in this case the ingredients are mainly natural, to give a bright color and not attack the lips.
Available on Amazon for € 6.99.

3. Sephora Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick

peel off lipsticksSource: Web

Even international cosmetic brands have started producing so-called lip-stains, ie lipsticks that leave a “stain” of color on the lips that are very long-lasting, no-transfer and easy to apply. There Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick by Sephora contains substances, such asavocado oil and the Vitamin E which make the lipstick creamy and moisturizing. Also in this case the colors are really many, suitable for every type of complexion.
Available on Sephora for € 10.90.

4. Tattoo Long-Lasting Lip Tint by LONG4LASHES

peel-off lipsticksSource: Web

The lipstick Tattoo Long-Lasting Lip Tint by LONG4LASHES is a great product for anyone looking for a peel-off lipstick ultra resistant is moisturizing. In fact, it contains biotin and argan oil which allow you to keep your lips soft. They also have long life and technology Long Stay Color that highlights the lips for a smudge-free effect. Available in different colors to choose from: pink, red and raspberry.
Available on Amazon for € 11.

5. Peel-off Lip Stain by Bellapierre Cosmetics

peel-off lipsticksSource:

Up Amazon is located there collection Peel-Off Lip Stain by Bellapierre Cosmetics, lipsticks in 4 shades with peel-off application and lasting 12 hours. The veil that remains once the film is removed is light and comfortable to bring.
Available on Amazon for € 19.

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