Pedicure at home: how to give your feet a real beauty routine


They take us everywhere and endure closed, tight shoes and even high heels. No more reasons are needed to convince yourself to pay some extra attention to your feet and create a bespoke beauty routine to follow at home. As long as the tools are the right ones, word of Scholl!

It only takes 20 minutes a week to take care of your feet as they deserve. Point of support for the body and basis for balance, they are continually subjected to muscle stress and unsuitable footwear, which can compromise their well-being. Of course, small precautions such as limiting the hours spent on heels, choosing shoes with non-slip soles and rounded toes and opting for breathable materials can help, but not completely defeat the problem. The solution? Create a home beauty routine that truly takes care of your feet and keeps them healthy. A do-it-yourself pedicure in a few simple steps, which can relieve fatigue and soften the skin through exfoliation and hydration. Scholl takes care of providing the right tools to keep your feet always looked after.

Pedicure at home: foot bath and exfoliation

A moment dedicated to relaxation, as well as foot care: a foot bath with warm water, in fact, is perfect for softening the skin and make the elimination of corns, calluses and dead skin cells much easier. The rest will take care of the exfoliation with Velvet with Scholl diamond crystals. Designed to remove dry skin and calluses, it restores skin that is immediately softer and smoother. To adapt to all types of dryness, three different types of heads have been studied, capable of providing three levels of exfoliation. In this way, treating hardened areas such as heels will be easier, even within the walls of the house.


The right hydration for always healthy feet

Dryness is an issue to be reckoned with when it comes to keeping your feet healthy. As Podiatrist Giovanni Babini explains, “A foot suffering from this pathology, in fact, it loses elasticity and cushioning and is consequently more prone to cuts or injuries. Even the nails are affected and risk being more prone to break and flake or thicken ”. This is why it needs the deeply moisturizing action of Scholl’s Nourishing PediMask. Enriched with macadamia oil, shea butter and panthenol, this sock mask is designed to allow the foot to absorb the cream in 20 minutes. An excellent opportunity also to dedicate yourself to a massage: the product residues, in fact, can be massaged until completely absorbed.

The right pedicure tool at home for every skin type

The best way to take care of foot health is to understand your skin type. If the problem are hardened and cracked heels, for example, you need to soften the skin with a careful exfoliation such as that of Velvet Exfoliating Brush for dry skin. By eliminating dead cells, the skin will be younger and more luminous, ready to welcome subsequent treatments. To improve the hydration and health of the nails, however, you need nourishing ingredients such as the avocado, jojoba and argan oils contained in PediMask Nourishing Intense Nourishment, perfect for giving your feet a real home pampering.

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