Paula Echevarría sweeps away with Lefties’ cheapest basic look: a masculine coat and black dress set for less than € 35


In case anyone doubted it (holi, haters!), Paula Echevarría continues to be the number one beauty prescriber in our country. And, of course, one of the most influential in fashion. The actress, who along with Miguel Torres is going to be the mother of a child next year, shows it with each of her looks on Instagram, as we have seen with this one from Mango that almost sold out on the firm’s website, or with a new ‘low cost’ set by Lefties made up of basics that is perfect for wasting style and comfort during the cold months.

The actress, who still has not had to resort to maternity looks as such because her belly is still very incipient, she has opted for one of the key pieces of autumn-winter, the knitted dress, and has done it with a simple black Lefties model (9.99 euros) that can become our wild card for those ‘comfy’ looks that we turn to when we want to be comfortable and warm. In addition, like these that we showed you here, it looks great with sneakers, the actress’s favorite footwear since she had her daughter Daniella, as she herself confessed in an interview a few months ago.

Yes, without a doubt, the protagonist of the most basic and ‘low cost’ look of Paula Echevarría is her gray coat. With an ‘oversize’ silhouette and a masculine aesthetic, this Lefties synthetic wool coat (22.95 euros) is a timeless basic that cannot be missing in our wardrobe backgroundWell, it looks just as good with ‘casual’ looks like this one or with much more formal ‘working girl’ outfits. The key? That never goes out of style and it’s perfect whatever your age or size.

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