Oysho’s slimming pants and halftone sandals: fall’s most flattering outfit


We are very clear about what the garments could be for a halftime perfect: a cardigan, a light feather, a midi dress with red ankle boots, a comfortable and flattering outfit to be at home … but our inspiration today is little predictable.

Because we are talking about Oysho pants that lose weight with some flip flops of the same signature created expressly for the autumn: buckled, with felt and fur inside. The trend unexpected that lengthens the good weather, that is perfect to wear at home (and on the street) and that solves any style.

Video:New collection pants that will be a trend in autumn

The influencer Maria Fernandez-Rubies He has discovered us this winning combination that we are going to copy for him as beautiful and cheap.

We keep the pants for her checkered pattern ultra flattering, its adjustable waist that makes it big, its flowy cotton fabric, its low hem, its affordable price (19.99 euros in Oysho) and its surprising versatility to combine with ankle boots, with sneakers, with loafers or with heels.

On the other hand, we choose sandals for being comfortable and for taking any look with basics to another level. Its price? 27.99 euros.

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