Oversized outfits: how to build it and the essential items


Oversized outfits: the essential items Oversized outfits: 3 tips They are no longer a novelty, much less a taboo: oversized outfits are even present on the catwalk and have been cleared through customs for a few years. They are spacious and comfortable solutions designed both to stay at home and to go out, but with the lockdown and the lifestyle we had to adopt from 2020, XXL tracksuits and sweatshirts have become the real protagonists of our indoor days.

Therefore, despite the recent relaunch due to the social conditions of the last year, the oversize style has its roots in the 80s and 90s and finds its origin in street style.

Oversize means oversize. And if you think it necessarily means sportswear you are wrong: for the autumn winter 2020/2021 oversize outfits have been spotted in the collections of famous brands like Max Mara, Jil Sander and Nina Ricci, to name a few.

The oversized outfit contrasts with clothing skinny but this does not mean giving up femininity: feeling at ease is the starting point for any message you want to send out through your appearance.

Clearly it must be studied carefully to avoid exaggerating with the “over” effect, which is why we have thought of a series of indispensable garments and useful tips to build your own perfect and never excessive oversized outfit.

Oversize outfits: the essential items

What are the essential items to create an oversized outfit? We start from the upper body and walk the entire silhouette to identify the clothes to put in the closet to achieve our goal:

Outerwear and sweaters

  • Coat / jacket with maxi shoulders: the shoulders are a detail that immediately give the “over” effect, whether it’s a blazer or a teddy coat by Max Mara.
  • Oversized shirt: wide, perhaps striped or in total white. The latter in its simplicity will act as a “rescue anchor” for many of our outfits: with the belt at the waist to use it as a minidress or combined with slim fit jeans.

Auxo - White oversize long shirt

Auxo – White oversize long shirt

Oversized women’s shirt with particular design and irregular edge, V-neck. Can be worn with trousers in autumn and winter. Or as a short dress in spring and summer.

25 € on Amazon

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  • Sweatshirt o maxi pull: in this case free rein to the imagination. For example, the wide ribbed wool sweater will be perfect for creating a comfy and urban chic look for winter and autumn.

Tuopuda - Oversized sweatshirt with hood and pockets

Tuopuda – Oversized sweatshirt with hood and pockets

Oversized sweatshirt ideal for both autumn and winter, ideal for your outdoor outfit or to stay warm at home. With hood, long sleeves and side pockets.

€ 14 on Amazon


  • oversized and comfortable fit


  • Maxi bag: we saw it on the catwalk everywhere, for example in the Jil Sander collection, the maxi bag with square lines is a must have this year and can embellish your outfit, even the simplest one. If you are a beginner but want to approach the oversized style, start from the bag and you will not go wrong.

Large shoulder bag and waterproof

Large shoulder bag and waterproof

Ladies handbag, made of PU leather. Waterproof with polyester lining. It has a sturdy top zip and professional padded pockets. Solid color design, represents a classic piece that easily adapts to any outfit. Can a large laptop.

€ 33 on Amazon


  • Big and spacious
  • Suitable for carrying a large laptop


  • Cargo trousers: these are trousers with a military cut (and origin), with large side pockets and usually in a military green color.
  • Palazzo trousers: these are long trousers with a straight and very wide leg. It usually has a very high waist, some models also have pleats at the waist.

Amazon Find - Palazzo Linen Trousers

Amazon Find – Palazzo Linen Trousers

Palazzo trousers with elastic waistband and button, striped pattern. Loose and comfortable fit.

€ 29 on Amazon

35 € you save 6 €


  • Made of linen, fresh and light for the summer
  • comfortable fit

Sports suits

The most famous sports brands every year launch collections of maxi jumpsuits worthy of the catwalks, playing with fluorescent details and technical fabrics, to train yes but with style: a sports suit will be perfect if combined with carefully chosen accessories such as chain necklaces and bags.

Oversized outfit: 3 tips

Let’s see the most useful tips to find the perfect oversize formula:

  1. Beware of “weights”

    In fashion it is all a question of balance, so especially in the case of an oversize outfit the watchword is counterbalance, this means that if you choose a wide sweater, you can balance the underside with a more tight-fitting trousers. Conversely, if you choose palazzo trousers, above you can opt for a top or a tight body.

  2. The importance of accessories

    Sunglasses, earrings and jewels can help create the right balance but be careful not to overdo it to avoid obtaining the opposite effect: over in this case does not have to mean “too much”.

  3. Less is more

    Never as in this case is the most valid advice in terms of fashion valid, less is more. As Coco Chanel said “Before leaving the house, look in the mirror and take something off”.

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