Oval face: haircuts and make-up to enhance it

Viso ovale: i tagli di capelli e i make up adatti a questa forma di viso

Ruining the beauty of a face due to a wrong cut or an exaggerated make-up can happen to anyone, even to those who have an apparently “easy” face shape, with well-proportioned features that adapt to any hairstyle and make-up, such as that of the Oval face. Below you will understand which cuts and which types of make are most suitable for this type of face.

How to recognize an oval face: the characteristics

An oval face is very recognizable because it develops mainly in height. The shape in general is soft and the line is taperedIn fact, the cheekbones are not excessively pronounced, the chin is small and the forehead is spacious. Professionals claim that in an oval face the length is twice the width and this is also why it is considered one of the most harmonious face shapes ever.

The best haircuts for oval face

Those with an oval face definitely have no problems with their haircut. Thanks to the typical harmony that distinguishes this face shape, i haircuts or hairstyles that are well suited are many and we hardly find one that doesn’t value it. However, there are some styles and some cuts that allow the face to get more prominence: here are several.

Short and uneven hair

Megan Fox oval face haircutsSource: web

Say goodbye to lengths for a short cut that follows one asymmetrical and cheeky line is the right way to highlight the features of the oval face. Irregular (not excessive) scaling and wavy styling are perfect for this type of face.

Long hair that does not stretch

Olivia Palermo oval faceSource: web

The only risk you run if you opt for a long and smooth cut is that of weight down the shape of the face. One wavy styling, with waves or curls, it will certainly give movement to the hair and avoid the “face lengthening” effect.

Fringe and tuft pulled out

Emma Watson oval faceSource: web

A long and full fringe is perfect for those who have a high and wide forehead and want to cover this feature, which we hardly find in an oval face. In the case of this particular face shape, bangs could be light and parade and the tuft lateral and soft, in order to outline the face without hiding the features.

The best make-up for oval face

As we have said, those with an oval face also have soft features that are not too pronounced and consequently not too protagonists. For this it is necessary through make-up give light to the face in some specific points, to make it unique and recognizable by giving it personality.

Professionals advise to focus make-up on eyes, a dark-toned smokey eyes or a defined and thick line of eyeliner accompanied by an illuminating eyeshadow could be excellent choices for oval face make-up.

Or, the emphasis could be on lips: lipsticks of dark and matte colors or bright and super shiny colors to highlight the smile.

Contouring can also be a great ally for the oval face, let’s find out how.

Contouring for the oval face

Contouring helps highlight the features and raise the cheekbones that as we know in this type of face they are quite soft; in case there are “imperfections”, such as pronounced chin or nose, contouring can help us in this too.

After having thoroughly cleaned and cleansed the skin and having applied the classic foundation, it is time to dedicate yourself to contouring. You could use one of those useful and practical 2 in 1 kits, created specifically for this type of make-up.

In an oval face the dark part it must start from the hairline and go up to the middle of the forehead and another diagonal line, always dark, must start from the ears and go up to mid cheek. In contrast, the light part it must be applied on the central part of the forehead, on the temples and under the eyes. In this way we will give light to the cheekbones and bring attention to the eyes.

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