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We show you the Best Outfits with Vertical Stripes that will make you look stylish and Super Slim!

The stripes return with great force, taking on a unique role in elegance and silhouette formation … This season adds vertical stripes on crop tops, skirts, jumpsuits, maxi and mini dresses, the key will be to mix vertical lines and some geometric figures in the design. The tones will be marked by colors in many varieties. Leaning outfit with vertical stripes, it will always be a great success, since it will help to define your figure and make it look more thin by mere optics.

Keep in mind that you have to balance the clothes, for example, if you are a girl of very thin complexion, it is worth using thick and well defined vertical stripes, now, if on the contrary, you are a most appropriate Plus Size girl It is to use vertical but thin stripes. You should also keep in mind that while the combination of black and white is a classic, current trends mark the rule of thumb as a rule of thumb, that is, mixing different colors in otufits with stripes.

But let's get to know the different looks that we bring today for you, where I will present a complete Outftis gallery with Vertical stripes that will make you just look perfect in any scheme:

  • Skirts with Vertical stripes:

Outfit with Vertical Striped Garments

Image source: Kankan

It is an excellent decision if you intend to stylize the volume of your hips, because vertical stripes will make an optical effect, with which your figure will be stylized better.

Outfit with Vertical Striped Garments

Image source: littlejstyle

Maxivestidos are one of the trends with greater weight that this 2017-2018 brought, so adding a pair of vertical stripes to your design will make your figure stylize and also expand the size of your legs.

Outfit with Vertical Striped Garments

Image source: infobae

I love it! They are comfortable and very original, they are also the trendiest that the season has brought. Create looks with a casual and casual style, with that touch of elegance added by vertical stripes.

  • Blouse with neckline "V":

Outfit with Vertical Striped Garments

Image source: 3.bp.blogspot.com

A beautiful outfit totally in trend, with a blouse with vertical stripes that make the body of the model simply be stylized … It's simple optics!

Outfit with Vertical Striped Garments

Image source: media.rbl.ms


Palazzo pants are one of the best choices to create sophisticated looks… They are steamy, elegant and with a high waist cut, which stylizes the lower belly area. The stripes are presented this time with vertical lines on the part of the pants, while the crop top is marked by lines that intersect forming geometric designs.

Outfit with Vertical Striped Garments

Image source: dulceida

They are perfect for creating a small waist effect, so if you have enough volume in that area, I advise you to use the design as shown in the image. It will not be difficult to adapt to the idea of ​​using garments with stripes, as they usually look fantastic. The best thing is that they combine very easily with sports tennis and some baggy shirt designs.

Outfit with Vertical Striped Garments

Image source: dianamihaila

A beautiful design in loose blouse with vertical stripe in its print, which makes certain that the attributes of the body are accentuated, right in the area of ​​the bust.

  • Vertical Mini-dresses:

Outfit with Vertical Striped Garments

Image source: Fashion Paradise

I love the idea of ​​being able to include vertical and horizontal stripes. If you are a girl with little bust and narrow hips, the previous design shows us the best way to balance the problem.

  • Design to realize and stimulate the figure:

Outfit with Vertical Striped Garments

Image source: fhitsfriends

Looks outfits with vertical stripes, you will give an optical effect and it is also that you do not lose weight, but when you put on clothes with this style. Eye, the ideal is to choose the most basic gifts.

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