Our favorite fine knit sweater is in Zara, it costs less than 20 euros and it looks great with jeans and ballerinas


Knitwear is the undisputed stars of this spring. And it is not for less, since they feel great and are very comfortable to wear. We have already talked about the pants that are sweeping the influencers, the Carmen Lomana jacket and the Marta Ortega outfit. But, among all the possibilities, sweaters are the most versatile.

Today we bring you one of our latest favorites. It is such a beautiful sweater that we are sure you will not want to take it off for the remainder of the season. You can find it at Zara and it is priced at € 19.95.

It is a knitted sweater that follows the pointelle pattern. This design is very thin and has small open spaces. The result is very similar to lace.

Due to those openings, it is best to combine it with a white top underneath. We recommend opting for a short one with a V-neck. Thus, you will get the most out of the pointelle without showing too much skin.

The sweater looks great with jeans and ballerinas

The sweater looks great with jeans and ballerinas

Completing the look is very simple. The beige color of the sweater goes great with simple long jeans in any shade of blue. If you add your favorite ballerinas, you will have the perfect outfit to sweep this spring.

The sweater is made primarily of cotton. Therefore, despite being long-sleeved, it is very comfortable to wear even on the warmest days. So, you can get a lot out of it.

Our favorite detail is the wave finishes on the body and sleeves. They give it a casual air that makes it the perfect choice for your casual style looks. In addition, the round neck is especially good for women with narrow shoulders, as it helps to balance the figure and creates a very proportionate silhouette.

It is available in three sizes: S, M and L. But, if you liked it, hurry up and get it, because we have no doubt that it will soon start to run out.

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