Oily skin foundation: the best to try for a top make-up


They give a natural and often mattifying effect and, in addition, they moisturize the skin. They are the best foundation for oily skin. Find out in this article!

You already know that using the wrong foundation means compromising all your make-up. The only way to be on the safe side is choose the foundation according to the type of skin. Generally, one is led to think that, for the oily scalp, the right product is (only) the powder one, while liquid and creamy products are banned. Nothing more wrong. Here we explain why with all the tips for find the right foundation and use it to the fullest!

Do you have oily skin? Here’s what to do!

If you have skin that is prone to pimples, shine and blemishes, you know very well how important it is skincare. For the make-up the discussion does not change because we need to find products that do not accentuate these problems. Our advice is to choose a mattifying primer with a light texture (and free of silicones, so it does not clog the pores) and a ad hoc foundation. Mineral, liquid or compact, it doesn’t matter. The INCI and the quality of the product will make the difference, as we will explain in the next paragraph.

Oily skin foundation: how to choose the right product

The first thing to do is, therefore, study the labels and ingredients of the foundation. No to products with silicones, yes to foundation with sebum-balancing substances and from oil-free formulas non-comedogenic. If you also suffer from acne, try to see if there are ingredients in the list such as Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Niacinamide and Zinc, all substances from antibacterial power, exfoliating and sebum-regulating. If your skin has more than a few issues, it could be very helpful to make sure that the INCI is also present skin care ingredients. It will not be difficult to find them since the current and near future trend is to combine make-up with skincare with performing and long lasting products. Another important tip: be careful to choose products that do not reproduce the hateful “mask effect” on the face. Yes, so a natural formulations for a light finish.

The 10 best foundation for oily skin

Now you have all the useful tips for choosing the ideal product for you. We give you one last help with this selection of 10 best foundations for oily skin.

Foundation for oily skin and dilated pores: Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation

Smoothes the skin, moisturizing it and correcting all imperfections

Oily and dry skin foundation: Max Factor Miracle Second Skin Hybrid Foundation

Ultra moisturizing foundation, it has a formula enriched with coconut milk, probiotics and antioxidant active ingredients. In addition, it protects the skin thanks to the SPF20 sun filter.

Summer (and winter) oily skin foundation: Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Fluid Powder Foundation SPF20

Liquid foundation, it has a subtle, impalpable and sebum-regulating texture.

Low cost oily skin foundation: L’Oréal Paris Infaillible 24H Fresh Wear

Ideal for those who want to keep clarity at bay, it has an excellent seal. Keeps excess sebum under control without drying out the skin.

Foundation for oily and sensitive skin: Mediterranea Protect Compact Foundation

In mattifying powder, it has a formula enriched with olive oil – with nourishing and emollient properties – and an SPF50 sun filter.

Pharmacy Oily Skin Foundation: Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup

It performs four actions – exfoliating, soothing, antibacterial, sebum-regulating – counteracting and preventing rashes and skin imperfections.

Natural matte effect foundation: Matte Velvet Skin by Make Up For Ever

It combines high coverage, natural finish and long-lasting (24 hours) Available in 40 shades, both in liquid and powder versions.

Foundation for acne-prone skin: Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-free Makeup

It fights sebum and impurities and prevents their formation. Suitable for acneic, oily or combination skin, even sensitive, it gives a feeling of “skin that breathes”.

Oily and combination skin foundation: Diego Dalla Palma Milano Nudissimo

Matte but light, it gives a delicate nude skin look.

For oily skin that needs hydration: La Mer The Soft Moisture Powder Compact Foundation SPF30

It has a smoothing, moisturizing and refreshing action. The powder texture has a silky and light effect finish like that of a liquid foundation.

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