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Effectiveness against face spots already after 4 weeks, among the objectives of the serum. A result that the readers confirm, as their opinions show

The new serum Anti-Stains Advanced Cellular Luminous630® Treatment by NIVEA was passed with full marks by the readers of Donna Moderna! The target? Reduce facial blemishes, showing the first visible results already after 4 weeks (to continue the lightening action with constant use).

But let’s get to the heart of the readers’ opinions. Let’s start with the target: 50 readers aged 35 to 50 and over, with a prevalence of the latter. The trial lasted 2 months, during which all of them admitted to having applied the serum every day

The test results on the anti-spot serum Luminous630®

All the testers rewards the product quality which, according to the answers, improved the appearance of their face: almost 30% even noticed a marked improvement! Times? More than 6 out of 10 women have noticed the spots lightened already after 4 weeks, the remainder before the 8-week test (i.e. the time set for the test).

For these reasons, the clear majority of readers stated that she will buy the product in the future (93%) and that she recommends it to her friends (95%).

In short, today you have one more ally to treat face blemishes. But what is the reason for its effectiveness? Read further!

The Cellular Luminous630® Advanced Anti-Spot Treatment serum contains the highest concentration of Luminous630®, the innovative patented NIVEA ingredient at the base of the formula, discovered after 10 years of research and more than 50,000 tested ingredients. Luminous630® is combined with vitamin E, antioxidant, and hyaluronic acid * (* in vitro). How it works Luminous630®? Reduces accumulations of melanin by lightening existing spots, which, in addition to diminishing considerably, become less extensive.

It also regulates the production of new melanin, thus preventing it from accumulating in further stains. Therefore, it also acts as a quote.

How to use? It is applied morning and evening before the face cream, and it is recommended to repeat it in the middle of the day (once only). More performing results are obtained by completing the face routine with the other product of the Cellular Luminous630® range, the Triple protection anti-dark spots day cream with SPF 50 that also protects against photo-aging and mattifies the skin.

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