Nicole kidman’s green coat is the real star of The undoing (and we know where to buy it)


We already warned you at the time: if you liked Big Little Lies, The Undoing, the HBO series starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant (and with the appearance of a Donald sutherland superb) inspired by the novel You already knew it, you will be passionate about it.

Kidman plays Grace, a prestigious psychiatrist, daughter of a very wealthy New Yorker (Sutherland), married to an equally prestigious (though not as wealthy) child oncologist, Mike (Grant). Together they have a beautiful home in Manhattan and a 12-year-old son who attends a private school.

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In this center breaks a bohemian mother, artist, with much less money and social position, whose son has been awarded a scholarship to attend school. After a couple of awkward encounters with Grace, the young woman turns up dead. And everything seems to indicate that her husband is involved.

A promising premise for domestic noir lovers, especially when it is set in high places, in which the unexpected blueprint steal he is neither a wonderful Grant with villainous overtones (and inevitable charisma) nor Matilde de Angelis as Elena Alves, the victim, but a garment: the green coat.

A coat that, like its owner, does not go unnoticed

A piece that has not gone unnoticed by viewers and that Nicole Kidman’s character uses profusely in all the episodes aired so far. In addition to a garment striking for its design and that color that so well enhances Kidman’s hair (It has been a while since we saw her with curly hair), it is key to characterize this cultured, elegant, hieratic and always thoughtful woman. An unforgettable green coat like the woman who wears it.

The rage for Grace’s garment has been such that there are several platforms that market a version of this wool coat, almost all around 120 euryou. You can find it on the platform Bonanza (where they also sell another of Kidman’s coats), or on the website specialized in costumes seen in series and movies Jacket Junction.

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