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Nice ideas to make up your eyes

Today I want to share some very nice ideas for eye makeup, that makeup is a subject that has no end and there will always be new trends and options to talk about, in my search I came across different styles with which we can make up our eyes and get the most out of them, remember that each person has a different shape so you can look very different from how you look in others, the first thing you have to do is identify the shape of your eye and look for a type of makeup that you favor.

Makeup styles you should try this season

For example, smoky eye makeup can be done by anyone, but not all of them will remain the same, the application of many shadows is more for large eyes or large eyelids because they have a lot of space to make them up. The glosses use them during the day and the darker tones at night, at night you can also combine tones with brightness but that are dark.

I leave you with the gallery to look at all the ideas you have to put into practice, remember that we are not born knowing how to do makeup, however we are learning on the march, so I recommend that you practice as many times as necessary until it is perfect.

Red lips – the protagonists of your makeup

Beautiful makeup for brown skin

Eye makeup where the eyeliner is the protagonist

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