New Yves Rocher Biphasic Regenerating Night Serum | Review


A new ally to fight the signs of aging (wrinkles, sagging, loss of elasticity) while you sleep. Its power? It’s all in the plant buds, from which the innovative skin-regenerating active ingredient is extracted

During the night, the skin cells regenerate themselves incessantly to repair the damage suffered during the day. This is, therefore, the moment in which specific treatments must be applied to get the most out of this natural replacement. An example is the Biphasic Regenerating Night Concentrate by Yves Rocher, the new serum that enriches the Anti-age Global line, dedicated to the fight against the signs of aging. Its peculiarity? The fact that it is inspired by Gemmotherapy (the science of buds), according to which the gem concentrates all the power of the plant, that is, roots, stems, flowers, fruits and leaves. This means that the bud cells are highly concentrated in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Vegetable bud nectar, new anti-aging active

Thanks to this intuition, the researchers of Yves Rocher extracted a gem from the Syringa vulgaris plant to obtain an innovative active ingredient: the bud vegetable nectar. Its function? It works in the heart of the skin cells, prompting them to renew themselves faster. In particular, it stimulates the production of new fibroblasts, that is the cells of the dermis responsible for the production of collagen, or the protein that makes the skin elastic and compact.

An innovative texture

What is innovative is not only the active ingredient, deriving from the bud of the plants, but also the texture. The new serum Biphasic Regenerating Night Concentrate by Yves Rocher in fact it has a “separate” consistency made up of a watery part and an oily part, which helps to better convey the active ingredients. The oils, in fact, allow the anti-aging formula to overcome the skin barrier and penetrate the dermis more easily. In this way, the night serum carries out all its regenerating action.

How to use the serum

The oily phase contains a mix of precious vegetable oils (grape seed oil, borage and camelina oil) that repair the epidermis. The vegetable squalane, extracted from sugar cane and olive, on the other hand, softens and gives comfort. The aqueous phase is composed of a double concentration of plant bud nectar, the active ingredient that regenerates cells to fight the signs of aging in the depths. Just shake the serum, apply it on your face, to wake up with one firm, compact and smooth skin.

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