New year, new hair: the metal look is also popular on the hair


And with the new year, the new trends also arrive on time. Let’s talk about hair, ladies, because we have never seen a more sparkling color like the one that is already depopulating among fashion addicts and that in 2018 will be grandmoda. Metal is not exclusive to make-up: even the hair will be dressed in bright and metallic colors to give a new light to the look and face. They are bright colors, yes, but also very cold that adapt perfectly to those who want to give an original twist to the hair. We bet that by browsing the magazines or taking a stroll on the beauty sites you had already heard about this trend that is attributed to Guy Tang, the hair stylist from Los Angeles who created shades such as purple, bronze and silver, all in a metallic key. Well, you don’t need to take a flight for ultra-fashion hair. To be at the top this winter and in general for 2018, L’Oréal has already launched an ad hoc line, Majirel The Metals, which includes four new metallic shades: Silver Star, Crystal Ash, Pink Ash and Hi-Lilac. (Continue after the photo)


But don’t immediately imagine a drastic change: these shades are composed of a high concentration of pigments that allow you to create both soft and delicate looks and bolder versions. From gray that vaguely resembles an ash blonde to delicate pinks, up to light lilacs. Sure, you can color your hair entirely for the metallic total look, but we’re not all that brave, are we? So it is possible to concentrate the vibrant color only on some strands, starting the metal nuance at the root of the hair, then blending it with the hair with a delicate shade and thus obtaining beautiful iridescent reflections. The question now is: who is this particular color suitable for, which will surely not go unnoticed? The Colorist Guru of L’Oréal Professionnel Orazio Anelli explains it directly. (Continue after the photos)

“It’s a really versatile look because the effect can be customized and calibrated according to the client’s characteristics and requests,” he says. So the new trend is really suitable for everyone since it can be customized to best enhance each face. On a short and cheeky cut, but also on long hair, with the metallic-toned reflections we were talking about a little above. The nuances, then, are different, clear, cold, luminous, and the most popular tones are those of silver. But for those who want to dare, then off to the range of sparkling blues. Or, why not, the contrast between metal blue and blue. And the pink? More delicate but just as brilliant. Combined with lilac, then, it is “the top”.

“I cut my hair and my husband doesn’t have it anymore!”. It was the year 2004: Ascanio Pacelli and Katia Pedrotti, the Roman prince and the sexy blonde, were the hit couple of Big Brother 4. But today their life has changed a lot: here they are, grown up, 13 years later from that reality show that made you fall in love

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