New skin, hair and nail supplements that work Spring 2021


Useful in the change of seasons, they can improve the appearance of hair and nails as well as being a valid aid for psycho-physical well-being. Here are the best spring summer supplements to include in your beauty routine

The warmer season is coming and, with the higher temperatures, ours is increasing too desire to regenerate, inside and out. The target? The maximum psycho-physical wellbeing, along with that of our hair and our nails. In short, the time has come to invest in a new beauty routine that also includes supplements that can give us a 360-degree energy boost! Here are what the best spring summer supplements and why to use them.

Spring summer supplements: when it is appropriate to include them in the beauty routine

It is not a question of fashion. The supplements they are a great help to deal with some seasonal illnesses, amplified by unhealthy habits such as the hectic lifestyle (read: spending many hours at the PC), the tendency to drink little or eat foods with few vitamins and minerals. Instead, when the mercury rises, all these substances become essential to combat some symptoms such as exhaustion and fatigue. When to this we add some nutrient deficiency, it can be affected not only by the body but also by thepsycho-physical balance. If you realize that something is wrong, then you may need to flank one diet rich in fruit and vegetables a supplement with, for example, potassium, football is magnesium (great when you feel tired and nervous), papaya extract, ginseng root – perfect against fatigue – finally saline supplements against pressure drops. In addition, to combat the first heat, it is necessary to supply the body with the right amount of B vitamins, which optimize energy production, and groups A and C, rich in antioxidants. What to do instead for hair and nails? We tell you about it in the next paragraphs!

Spring summer supplements for hair

A key factor in keeping hair healthy and thick or to give them more support is the diet. Many hair-related problems, in fact, are due to food shortages oa unbalanced diets. The advice is more or less always the same: drink a lot, do not give up portions of seasonal vegetables and fruit during meals, include cereals, legumes, meat and fish in the diet at least a couple of times a week and also find a good source of football. This food mix is ​​capable of ensuring the right amounts of amino acids, methionine is cysteine which make up the keratin of the hair. In the most “difficult” cases such as, for example, seasonal changes, it may be necessary to support the diet with some ad hoc supplements to be taken in cycles of 2-3 months. Which to choose? Our advice is to opt for products with B vitamins, antioxidants such as vitamin C and resveratrol, amino acids, finally with selenium is Omega 3 and 6.

Spring summer supplements for nails

Before hiring specific supplements for the nails (which generally do not suffer from seasonal changes), their appearance must be evaluated. If I’m weak and have the tendency to flake off, then it means that the time has come to run for cover. As with hair, nails also need to specific amino acids including the cystine, which makes them stronger, the niacin, the biotin, which supports the general well-being of hair, skin and nails, finally the C vitamin. Also very important are the minerals such as sulfur, zinc and copper.

Spring summer supplements: recommended products

Undecided on the right product for you? Browse the gallery with a selection of ideal supplements for spring / summer!

BOOST by Lazartigue is a supplement based on Vitamin B and extracts of Arugula and Black Radish that give the hair fiber essential nutrients.

Lanserhof Beauty Sleep is a 100% vegan supplement developed to support and optimize skin regeneration during sleep thanks to the presence of melatonin, natural ingredients and a balanced combination of micronutrients.

BIOMINERAL One with Lactocapil Plus is a food supplement, which combines lactoglobulins (whey proteins), N-Acetyl glucosamine (NAG), Methionine and Vitamin E. The formula is enriched with Biotin, Vitamin D3, linoleic acid, Glycine, Proline , Leucine and Taurine.

Hush & Hush Deeply Rooted is useful for hair and nails. Contains: Biotin, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin A, Niacin, plant extracts of Green Tea, Ginseng and Phyllantus.

Syrio Esyon Chrono Relax contains Lemon Balm and Passionflower which promote relaxation in case of stress.

Joachim Kaeser Factor D helps to integrate Vitamin D. In the formula we also find vitamins A, C, E and K which help the absorption of Vitamin D.

NUTRACEUTICAL ReduxCELL Intensive Drink by BioNike is a food supplement with gotu kola that counteracts the imperfections of cellulite. The Sweet Clover promotes the drainage of body fluids and the Red Vine helps the functionality of the microcirculation, while the Coleus forskholii regulates the balance of body weight. Finally, Vitamin C contributes to the normal formation of collagen for the function of blood vessels.

Armores NATURA Omega 3-6-9 is ideal for the supply of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids useful for the well-being of the organism.

Korff Collagen Regimen Drink is a food supplement based on hydrolyzed marine collagen, vitamins, copper and zinc, with a pleasant pineapple taste.

Naturadika Green Boost Skin Complex is a supplement that, thanks to Hemp Seed Oil and its anti-seborrheic action, improves acne symptoms.

Ducray’s Densiage Food Supplement helps keep hair healthy. Among the active ingredients: Blueberry Extract, an anti-oxidant, Selenium, which protects cells from oxidative stress, Copper, which contributes to normal hair pigmentation, Vitamin B8, which contributes to maintaining good hair state, and the Ginseng Extract, which has a tonic effect (physical fatigue).

TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE ™ OxiBeauty ™ Beauty Drink is a food supplement that ensures a useful supply of nutrients to balance and protect cells from oxidative stress from within. Contains Copper and the PhytoVibrant ™ Complex based on Aronia Berries and Sage.

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