Neurocosmetics: how it works and the benefits


There neurocosmetics represents a new approach to the world of skin care and is based on a deep relationship between skin and brain. The existence of a connection between mind and body it is demonstrated by the fact that, for example, stress can also manifest itself in the form of skin imperfections such as eczema, acne, alopecia and premature wrinkles.

Neurocosmetics aims to go beyond skin care, intervening on stress and bad mood through cosmetic products that combine the search for well-being with the beauty ritual.

Hence the concept of “a cosmetics that treats the outside and calms the inside” that allows the skin to find new forms of beauty and brightness and at the same time to enjoy a feeling of happiness.

What is neurocosmetics?

Neurocosmetics is a branch of skin biology developed in the early 2000s that investigates the relationship between skin and brain. In particular, it aims to stimulate the neurotransmitters that produce endorphins and generate happiness and well-being.

In fact, cosmetic products (neurocosmetics) employed by neuro-beauty they have a dual function: on the one hand, they take care of the beauty of the skin, making it more luminous and hydrated; on the other hand, they generate positive sensations also thanks to the use of textures, packaging and fragrances for happiness and well-being to be discovered.

In particular, neurosmetics are not simply absorbed by the skin but stimulate it by reaching the nervous system. Body care and good mood are the two basic assumptions of neurocosmetics that uses products made with non-toxic ingredients for the skin, but designed to fight stress is premature skin aging.

How does neurocosmetics work?

Neurocosmetics exploits the great receptive capacity of skin, a vital organ that through nerve endings connects to all organs of the body. For example, the lips are rich in nerve endings and represent one of the main routes for taking cosmetic products aimed at intervening on mood.

Thus, this branch of cosmetics develops products such as creams, serums and make-up products composed of chemical active ingredients that stimulate the nervous system by amplifying or inhibiting neurotransmitters and generating feelings of happiness.

These include dopamine which manages communication between neurons and plays an important role in the perception of pleasure. Furthermore, neurocosmetics pays particular attention to the production of products, focusing on textures and fragrances, two elements capable of stimulating touch and smell in the sign of a multi-sensory effect.

The benefits of neurocosmetics

NeurocosmeticsNeurocosmetics. Source: Pinterest @ stylecraze

The main benefits of neurocosmetics are a improvement of the condition of the epidermis but also one generalized feeling of well-being and happiness.

The sensory pleasantness of the product, linked to the texture and scent, generates a mental and emotional involvement that also help to continue the use of neurocosmetics. In fact, the consistency of the products, the packaging, the perfume and the active ingredients allow to stimulate pleasant sensations and well-being.

Furthermore, neurocosmetic products can be used to counteract the signs of aging, such as premature wrinkles by stimulating greater cellular and collagen production which restores the elasticity of the skin, for an anti-aging effect. The benefits of neurocosmetics also include the possibility of having a hydrated, luminous and visually toned skin.

Neurocosmetics: the most common active ingredients


The active ingredients used by neurocosmetics have the main characteristic of stimulating the production of dopamine and serotonin and, therefore, a good mood. These are mostly ingredients of vegetable origin which penetrating into the skin make it more beautiful and give sensations of pleasure.

Among them, the most common are:

  • cocoa, which has anti-aging and energizing properties;
  • saffron, an anti-aging active ingredient that has high concentrations of antioxidants;
  • cypress, lavender, lemon is juniper, useful for purifying oily skin;
  • chamomile is jasmine, which can calm and soothe dry, sensitive and inflamed skin;
  • essential oils of fennel, geranium, myrrh, rose is sage, which tone and even out the complexion of the skin;

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