Neither Zara nor Mango nor H&M, the perfect (and cheap) white t-shirt is said to be at Decathlon


white short sleeve t-shirt It is that basic that everyone has in the closet. No matter the style and taste you have, it is an essential that everyone turns to for
complete their looks -like Nagore who has accompanied her with this pareo skirt from Zara-. Some prefer them wide or with a more open neck, others narrower or with a specific length of sleeve. In fact, this influencer taught us how to transform it into a very original top. The possibilities are endless and finding the perfect design can sometimes be an odyssey. And if you are looking for one, you must sign the one for

Rumor has it on Instagram that he has
and a ‘must have’ that you can find in Decathlon. Yes, you read it right. It is not the first time that we have signed an ideal garment in the sportswear firm that you can add to your day-to-day looks and succeed. An example of this were the equestrian boots that triumphed among the influencers or this waterproof jacket. Now, thanks to the networks, we have been able to know that you can also get the perfect white shirt, and it has it all!

We are talking about the basic t-shirt par excellence, which
it is simple and effective, and that it is essential in the sports wardrobe, but also for daily life. Therefore, Decathlon has for sale a model
round neck and short sleeves, which has a very flattering fit, suitable for all tastes. In addition, it is very successful because it is manufactured in
a very soft 100% cotton fabric, which makes it quality and durable, combining an excellent quality / price ratio.

Because oddly enough, the shirt only costs
2.99 euros. Chollazo! There is also
available in light gray color and another of the points in favor that it has and that makes it the perfect white t-shirt is its variety of sizes: you can find it
from XS to 3XL. What more could you want? Let’s go for her!

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