Neither Nike nor Converse, these are the sneakers that influencers don’t take off


It looked like the Nike Blazers were going to be the sneakers of the season. And yes, although we have seen them actively and passively on all sides and they are part of the trend sneakers of 2021, there are others that are sweeping away. And no, they are not Converse -like this padded model inspired by Chanel- which, season after season, are the choice number one of those who know more about fashion. Are the iconic New Balance sneakers that, whatever style you have, you’re going to want.

It is the sportiest model of New Balance, specifically, the 530 which is the most sought after, although it also takes the 452. A design in white with black details, which also wears a lot in gray and has a chunky aesthetic inspired by 90s style.

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From the brand they affirm that it is “a back to one of our classic running shoe styles“Thanks to a casual sneaker that combines everyday style with modern technology to give a retro twist to the looks. Its price? Between the 85 and 100 euros, depending on the model. And yes, they are being a huge success.

And it does not matter if your style is more sporty or yours are the classic looks. Because it is a shoe that adapts to all tastes and that we have seen in different styles. Combined from basics such as jeans and a T-shirt to a much more elegant and arranged suit.

Such has been its success, that there are more and more different models for sale, with touches of color or similar designs that the brand itself is reviving in 2021. Who was going to tell us that the sneakers that our father wore in the 90s were going to be a trend now? One more proof that the maxim of “everything returns” is completely true.

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