Neither Marie Antoinette nor Empress Sissi, this summer you wear the most flattering trend: the corset


Oppressive symbol or seductive garment? This piece of
lingerie it has been in the spotlight for many centuries. Designed to
girdle the waist and shaping the body, it is true that at the beginning of the 20th century it was shown that the use of
bodice it had dire consequences. But, this no longer happens. It is neither used for a long time nor is its design the same as in the past. Its silhouette has been reinvented for the new times. The new
corset it remains just as flattering without causing any harm. The fashionable top! Even if you do not think it is the most sensible purchase, here we are going to convince you that your wardrobe urgently needs this beautiful lingerie garment.

From the iconic creations of
Vivienne westwood,
Alexander McQueen Y
Jean Paul Gaultier, no one had tried to reintroduce the
corset as a trend. But, in recent fashion shows we have been able to observe how this piece regained prominence, thanks to the designs of
Jacquemus or
Isabel marant. The final push was given by Netflix’s period drama,
‘The Bridgertons’. The series triggered searches for bras on the internet. Famous like
Dua Lipa or
Billie eilish they have also worn it on the red carpet. The new generation of corsets will make them your favorite tops to be the most sexy and daring this summer.

After months and months at home, we have taken a liking to elastic waistbands. Enough already! Life goes on and, although we are very grateful that the
comfortable clothes be the last word, it’s time to get out of our comfort zone. A
corset It is the best shock therapy to feel feminine and want to return to our usual wardrobe. The
influencers now they wear it with jeans, miniskirts or high-waisted pants, for a fresher and more modern touch.

With this garment also links the
romantic trend of vaporous pieces and the style
‘cottagecore’ or peasant aesthetics. We see corsets with
floral stampers and trims, puffed sleeves, bows, cotton, openwork or satin fabrics, pastel colors … However, if this does not suit you, there are other bodices with semitransparent fabrics, leather effect or

Here we make a selection of ideal corsets, which
they greatly favor the figure and that you can wear this summer.

Ivory satin draped corset ‘Bea’ /


Ivory ‘Tabitha’ Corset with Floral Print and Puff Sleeves /


Padded Sweetheart Neckline Corset With Floral Print And Lace Up Front Closure /


Long-sleeved puffed corset with elastic back and sweetheart neckline, in white /


Madonna appeared with that iconic tapered corset, this piece is extolled as the sumun of the
feminist claim. Is now
power symbol, of insubordination and daring. Put aside prejudices and claim your corsetero top, for summer, as the most feminine and feminist garment.

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