Natural products for curly hair: 5 tips


THE curly hair they are as beautiful as they are often difficult to treat, especially if you want to rely on one natural routine. Untangling them is not always easy, as it is not having them soft and defined. They need a special treatment to be elastic and avoid frizz. For this reason, in the world of natural cosmetics there are several products dedicated to their care.

But let’s take a closer look at the features and products of a perfect haircare routine dedicated to curly hair. We tried and selected the best natural line for curly hair on the market:

1. Curly Shaping Shampoo by Gyada Cosmetics

It gently cleanses the hair, leaving it soft and voluminous. Formulated with delicate active ingredients, it is able to give softness to the hair and volume. Its formula is enriched with Argan Oil and Aloe Vera juice, which make the hair soft and disciplined. You can apply the product directly on the hair, or dilute it previously with water, to make it even more delicate.
The latter use is indicated for those with a particularly sensitive scalp.
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2. Curly Shaping Conditioner

A cream conditioner with a high detangling power, it is indicated for the treatment of wavy and curly hair. It does not weigh down the hair and leaves it soft and elastic. It is enriched with vegetable oils such as coconut, argan and jojoba that make the hair particularly shiny and soft, while the presence of natural extracts such as arnica and calendula carry out a protective action on all lengths.
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3. Gyada Cosmetics Curl Modeling Cream

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Must have in the curly hair routine! It is a best-selling cream designed for styling curly and wavy hair, which does not need to be rinsed and is applied before drying on damp and towel-dried hair. It has a remodeling action, it does not grease the hair despite the presence of rich natural ingredients such as argan oil and shea butter, which make the curls soft and defined. Go to the product now.

4. Hair Mousse

This mousse is indicated for fixing the hairstyle, without drying the hair and keeping it soft and non-sticky. It makes hair shiny and voluminous and does not contain alcohol. It can be used after each wash or occasionally according to the needs of the hair.
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5. Hair tissue mask by Gyada Cosmetics

Once a week it is recommended to make a mask based on natural, moisturizing and regenerating ingredients. Gyada’s fabric masks are available in different variations, depending on the desired effect. The headset
supplied provides heat, so as to favor the action of the ingredients present inside the product. It is recommended to apply them before shampooing, on damp and dry hair and leave them on for about 10-15 minutes, before proceeding with washing and the usual haircare routine.
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These five products that represent the top 5 of the haircare routine for curly hair can be used together, or they can be alternated. We suggest that you follow all the steps to get the best results. Try it and you will be thrilled!

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