Natural make-up: 9 steps to create a nude make-up

Come realizzare un trucco naturale che risalta la bellezza del viso

A make-up undemanding, never out of fashion and suitable for all skin types is the natural makeup. The soap and water look can be sported in different occasions: excellent during the day for work and leisure, but also for evenings in which you want to maintain a natural beauty. Making natural make-up is not as simple as you think, since it still involves using make-up products, with skill and attention. Let’s see 9 steps to achieve the perfect natural make-up.

What is meant by natural makeup?

Having a nude makeup it is not synonymous with being removed, as it is made with cosmetics that even out the skin of the face, such as eye shadows and lipsticks with similar colors to the skin, mascara and pencils to highlight the eyes. By natural make-up we mean a make-up that corrects natural color spots (discoloration) and highlights the qualities of the face, so that the result remains natural.

This look is increasingly the favorite of many women and also of them celebrity, who discovered the beauty of light up and highlight your face, without the need to hide it with bright colors and large amounts of powder and earth. For this they opt instead for an apparently makeup simple, which they can show off throughout the day and which, if done with awareness and the right technique, is really good for everyone.

9 steps to make a natural make-up

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Creating a beautiful natural look is not difficult, but you need to know the steps right, otherwise you risk not getting the desired result. More and more stars, especially the younger ones, choose to show themselves to the public with a natural make-up, which makes them more accessible and gives them an irresistible beauty soap and water.

The fundamental rules for creating a natural make-up is to create the right base that evens out the skin, and to highlight the strengths of the face with games of lights and shadows. The cosmetics that cannot be missing are foundation, concealer, face powder and eye products. Let’s see i 9 step to follow to create a natural make-up.

1. Create the base

The first step for any type of make-up, and fundamental for natural make-up, is to create the right one base. If you do this correctly, you are already halfway there. It is accomplished with a fluid foundation applied following a trend that goes from the center outwards, and from the top to the bottom of the face.

You can use your fingers, but it is preferable, to better even out the color, to use a sponge or a brush. The most suitable brushes are the one a cat’s tongue, smaller and useful to pay more attention to detail, or it is stipplin brush, larger and softer, suitable with liquid foundations.

It is important to choose the hue right for ours complexion, since it must not color or darken, but must faithfully reproduce the color of the skin, so as to uniform all parts of the face, but without it being seen. Finally, remember to pass the foundation not only on the face, but also on the ears and neck, blending it at the ends.

2. Correct the discolorations

For discoloration we mean all the parts of the face where the skin is redder, lighter or darker. The foundation base we applied in the first step helps to even out the skin, covering lighter imperfections. However, it is important to arm yourself with correctors to correct the remaining discolorations. To cover the eye bags you have to use a concealer Orange, which neutralizes their blue / purplish color, better if lightly spread with a brush.

For pimples or specks of red color, the suitable concealer is instead of coloring green, to be blended with your fingers or with the brush. If the color does not spread well, you can then go over it with a nude color corrector. In any case, it is important to be careful not to use too much product. The initial foundation base serves precisely to avoid abusing with concealers and other products.

3. Enlighten

The secret to enhancing the beauty of the face is to create the right ones light points. To do this, you can use a product illuminating, which contains microparticles to reflect and diffuse the light giving a luminous and satin effect. They are also available in powder form, but it is preferable to use highlighters in cream, easier to spread. They must be applied in strategic points: on the front, on the nose and above all on cheekbones.

If you don’t have a highlighter available, you can use a lighter colored foundation. Be careful to use little, and stop beforeouter corner of the eye, without exaggerating with the quantity. Someone can make the mistake of applying the highlighter around the eyes, but in this way the signs of the skin are highlighted, risking to obtain the opposite effect.

4. Set with powder

Foundation and concealers are great for creating the perfect foundation, but they make the skin shiny. To have a natural effect, it is important then dull the skin using the face powder. This powder product does not add color, but fixes the underlying products, so they last through the day. It is enough to apply it with a large brush on the forehead, on the chin, in the furrows of the nose and lips and between the eyebrows.

5. Blush for natural makeup

Natural makeup means that the face must also have a colorful normal. Depending on the desired effect, you can decide whether to use a blush or a bronzer with pink or darker shades, to be applied with your fingers or with the foundation brush on the cheeks. A small speck of it is enough vanish just below where the illuminant was applied.

6. Eyebrows

The base of the face is now done, and you can move on to eye and mouth make-up. Before applying products on the eyelids, we move on to touch up eyebrows. If you are used to applying the pencil on the eyebrows, for a natural make-up it is better to use shades as close as possible to your color, so that it does not show. It is recommended instead to comb the eyebrows upwards, an action that helps to open the eyes, giving more value to the eyes without the need to use cosmetics.

7. Eyeshadow: lights and shadows

It’s time to focus on eyes, an important part of a person’s face. To get a natural make-up it is possible to use only the mascara to thicken or lengthen the lashes, or apply theeyeshadow. The colors to be preferred are obviously clear, on the shades pink and brown, which reflect skin tones.

The procedure begins with the application on the eyelid mobile using eyeshadows from satin texture, then passing a slightly darker color on the crease of the eyelid. In thearch eyebrow instead apply a light foundation, to be spread carefully with the brush. In this way the eye is highlighted and uniform in color.

8. Mascara

With or without eyeshadow, it is useful to apply a good one to make your eyes stand out mascara, black or brown, depending on the shade of your eyelashes. It is preferable, for a soap and water effect, to use mascara than stretches lashes, compared to what makes them thicker and fuller. For the more experienced, it is possible to use a specific brush that dips in the creamy color, which makes the result more natural and precise.

9. Nude look on the lips

Even the lips you can make up for a fresh and natural effect. The choice can fall on a nude or pink lipstick, or a gloss with light shades, which makes the lips bright. Before applying the lipstick it is good to put a balm moisturizer and let it sit for a few minutes. In this way, the lips will appear healthier and fuller. If you want to have an extra touch of light, you can apply a drop of glitter in the center of the lips. It is best to spread the lipstick or gloss with a brush, starting from the corners of the mouth towards the center.

Tutorial for a natural makeup

To better understand the steps and movements to be done to achieve a natural make-up, you can also see the different video tutorials available online. What we have seen are the main steps: only the base is mandatory, while you can choose, for example, whether to do without lipstick or eyeshadow, depending on the occasion for which you are preparing. In this tutorial let’s see an example of natural makeup, suitable for every day.

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