Natalie Portman brings us the definitive styling for the halftime days (you might want to take it now)


Without wanting to alarm the population (far from it), you better start prepare your halftime closet, and when you return from vacation everything happens too fast. Natalie Portman could become your next source of inspiration and the simplicity of his latest styling is to blame. With the "less is more" as the only reference, the Hollywood actress shows us that wardrobe bottoms They are great and perfect to wear a casual look of sum cum laude.

The keys to your casual look

It does not take much to achieve a casual look like yours, although Dior's bag and its multicolored handle help the final result gain strength (why lie). The best of all is that, except for that complement, your styling is very easy to achieve with garments low cost taken from the new season.

Natalie Portman Look Entretiempo 01

Get inspired by it for you next styling

Look Low Cost Natalie Portman Nike

  • Organic cotton T-shirt from Mango, 5.99 euros.
  • Zara paper bag elastic waist pants, 22.95 euros.
  • Nike Air Skylon 2 sneakers, 44.90 euros.
  • Square tortoise sunglasses from Asos, 15.99 euros.

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