Nails, the new trend: they are called Ballerina nails and are already popular on the net


New season, new trends. Today, then, nails. Not only hair, clothes and various accessories, even the hands, which apart from fashion should be taken care of regardless, get ‘dressed’ again with the arrival of spring and summer. And yes sir: reciprocate everything (or almost). Let’s start with the shape: coffin nails get a makeover. Forget the trends launched by Rhianna and Kylie Jenner, the nails are no longer long, square and oblique along the sides. In the shape of a coffin, in practice, as Vanity Fair points out, which then goes on to illustrate in detail what this trend reversal consists of. The ‘new’ coffin give up an excessively narrow tip, become less square and, above all, shorten. Yes, now the general trend is this: the claw no longer goes. So we adapt. The new fashion has a name that is all a program: they called them Ballerina nails because the oblique shape, which however remains an essential feature, is very reminiscent of the tips of the typical satin shoes of dancers. We like it. But it is good to always remember that, and this applies to every new trend, that these are not nails that can be worn easily by everyone. (Continue after the photo)

Fashion yes, but not at all costs. For those who, for example, have ‘full’ or, on the contrary, very thin hands, Ballerina nails are not very suitable. They are good for those who, blessed, have a harmonious hand. Let’s not talk about perfection, God forbid. Harmonious enough, here. And now the color, even if you can already imagine it when talking about etoile shoes. Neutral color fans will be delighted, except for those who struggle to give up strong colors like red, black and burgundy. But, after a long, cold and gray winter, it’s also time to see some light, pastel colors, isn’t it? As it happens, then, among the colors that make the most of these nails we find first of all the range of nudes, which in any case are evergreen (as well as perfect on every occasion). (Continue after the photos)

So, away with all the shades of pink, Vanity advises, from the powdery ones to the more milky ones. But, we recommend, forget the beiges, which seem to have become out of fashion. Color aside, given the challenging shape like the ballerina one, it is better to opt for a solid color. Dry, without glitter, glitter and various decorations. And the fans of bright colors, with a dry mouth? Of course not, the Summer 2018 collections have not forgotten them. Which, instead of reds and blacks, will switch to coral, orange, fuchsia and metallic hues, gold and silver. All gel effect, bright and long lasting.

Hair, do you already know the “white towel” rule? Follow it carefully and you will be able to choose the color that fits you perfectly without running the risk of making mistakes (or being ridiculous). But it is a real joy!

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