Nail lamp: best LED / UV for nail art


There is a simpler and cheaper way for fans of nail art who want to have manicured hands without necessarily having to periodically go to a specialized salon. Many women choose to provide their own nails and one of the most coveted accessories in this regard is the nail lamp, which allows for particularly long-lasting and well-made results. Of course, a little practice is needed and at the beginning the expense can be substantial, but it must be amortized over time.

Here is everything you need to know before buying one, so as not to make a mistake in choosing.

Nail lamp: what is it for?

It’s a oven that allows you to create professional and above all lasting nail art, without the enamel splintering at the first impact or at the first contact with water. The device is in fact specifically designed to stimulate the so-called polymerization process, which is a photo-hardening chemical process used in most nail techniques. It consists in hardening the product (which can be semi-permanent nail polish or gel polish), as long as it is photosensitive.

There are two types on sale, both of which work by issuing ultraviolet (UV) rays:

  • the UV bulb lamp it is internally equipped with mercury bulbs (potentially harmful to the environment) which dry the enamel in a short time (about 120 seconds). It is usually sold together with special gloves that protect the skin of the hands from the rays, leaving only the nails uncovered;
  • the LED lamp usually it has a higher cost, but unlike the previous one it is not made up of bulbs, but spotlights with LED lights that emit UV rays, they cure the enamel in just about 30 seconds.

Nail lamp: how to use it?

Now used not only by those who work in the aesthetic field, but also by many women independently, the nail lamp it is easy to use, but needs some precautions, so that the results are optimal.

The first step is prepare the nail properly, filing it and reducing any imperfections on the surface. At a later time you can proceed with the drafting of the enamel and the actual use of the oven, following the instructions given in the package, which may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. Once the gel has been spread on every single nail, the whole hand must be inserted under the light of the lamp. It only takes a few seconds to dry the product evenly and at that point you can also proceed with fixing decorations or glitter.

The oven (as well as any other tools used) it must always be cleaned and sterilized, obviously making sure that the plug is unplugged from the power socket. Careful maintenance allows less wear and longer duration over time, but above all careful cleaning avoids the risk of onychomycosis. All you need is a clean and slightly damp soft cloth.

As for the UV bulbs, they must be replaced after a certain number of uses, because they tend to blacken and decrease their effectiveness. In this sense, LED lamps are better, because the spotlights can keep their curing capacity intact even for years.

Nail lamp: how to choose it?

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What makes the difference are various features to consider before purchasing, first of all depending on the type of use to be made of it: professional or home.

The cost it ranges from a few tens of euros to hundreds. It obviously depends on both product quality (the light output and the average duration in terms of hours) which gives any accessories supplied (solvents, stencils, decorations, gloves, files). It also varies the greatness and attention: some ovens have a hole for the hand too small, making it impossible to insert the five fingers at the same time. This, of course, lengthens the processing times, because more passes have to be carried out.

In addition, speaking of size, there are also lamps that have the possibility of removing the upper part. This feature is important for those who intend to use the product also for the toes. There are some models, obviously more expensive, which even allow you to insert both hands or both feet at the same time, guaranteeing a considerable saving of time.

Also worth checking is the presence of the timer, which is very useful because it avoids having to independently time the time required for drying. Many models are also equipped with a display, on which to view the passing of the seconds that are used to conclude the drying cycle.

First of all, however, it is necessary to evaluate the security. It is better to make sure that the lamp has the CE marking, which indicates a high quality standard and the presence of rigorous controls, which certify safety and reliability.

Nail lamp: which one to choose?

The product is currently very popular and easily available online as well. Here are some of the most popular and popular models for buyers.

1. NAVANINO Nail Lamp

Nail Lamp

Product that combines style and efficiency, those who bought it use it with ease, thanks above all to the digital screen and the motion sensor. Also supplied two limes for nails. The lamp can dry quickly UV gel and LED gel.
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2. TAOCOCO Nail Lamp

Nail Lamp

Buyers define it as very practical and functional, especially light compared to others on the market, since UV light is emitted by LEDs and not by neon. In addition, the lamp has a three-level drying timer, to ensure greater uniformity in the final result. Two files are also included and is suitable for both fingernails and toenails.
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3. MOULEI Nail Lamp

Nail Lamp

Lamp suitable for all enamels in UV and LED gel, with four-speed timer setting, comfortable white light, infrared smart sensor, removable base plate. Just 60 seconds is enough for drying. Women also recommend it for a gift, being a professional-looking, quality, easy-to-use product that saves money over time.
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4. ABOX Nail Lamp

Nail Lamp

Lamp compatible with all nail polishes (semi-permanent, gel, acrylic, false nails), equipped with 36 bulbs with double UV LED light technology, which does not damage the eyes and is also ideal for sensitive skin. The sensor allows for automatic switching on and off, when you put your hand in and out, plus there’s an LCD display that counts down the number of seconds it takes to dry. Those who bought it said they were satisfied because the product keeps its promises: it is easy to use and comfortable to carry, as well as being aesthetically elegant.
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Nail Lamp

It works with all types of UV and LED hand gels (nail polish, top coat, base coat, gel, acrylic, sculpture gel, application glue) and offers drying up to twice the speed of a normal lamp. It has an intelligent sensor that activates and stops the ignition by pulling out and inserting your hand. Or the foot! In fact, the buyers especially appreciated the small size and the absence of base, which allows to comfortably dry even the nail polish of the feet.
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6. LOFTER Nail Lamp

Nail Lamp

Simple to use lamp equipped with automatic infrared induction sensor, timer for drying, LCD digital viewer. Ideal for both personal and professional home use, as it is perfect for drying all types of nail gels. Also supplied with a pair of anti-UV gloves to protect the skin of the hands. The product is very popular because it does not damage or burn the hands and is made of good quality materials. Beware of gloves, which are one size and therefore could be large or vice versa small, for some.
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