Nagore Robles triumphs with this ideal dress in her favorite color that looks great


Can a dress change your mood? Can a look make you leave empowered and strong? The answer is yes and it is what happened to Nagore Robles. The presenter, who a few days ago taught us how to triumph against Filomena with this warm feather, has shared a reflection ‘love yourself’ which has been accompanied by an image in which a dress that suits you very much and as beautiful as this plumeti from Zara.

“I have created a layer so thick that it is difficult for me to remove and lower my guard; but only my strength will show my weaknesses without fear of injury. This is how I want to live, this is how I have to continue. Within that layer I am soft, dreamy, strong and immense. Today I’m going to love myself a little more than yesterday, and a little less than tomorrow, “Nagore wrote on his Instagram profile with a photograph in which she appears gorgeous with a ecru dress that she herself has revealed that she is from Kaoa.

Kaoa is a very famous Portuguese brand among Spanish influencers that has ideal and original designs like this one that Nagore has worn and, moreover, at a fairly affordable price. The collaborator opted for a short model with long puffed sleeves and shoulder pads. Carry the deep V-neckline and the skirt ends in a ruffle that gives movement to the garment.

Ideal, right? It costs 85 euros And it is a garment that you can wear on a daily basis with boots or sandals, but that you can also wear in a guest look with more elegant accessories. “White looks great on you,” a follower commented, to which Nagore replied: “It is my favorite color“It looks great on you!

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