Nagore Robles has the favorite Zara boots of the season and has made it clear that you can even wear them with a sequin dress


Nagore has made it clear more than clear this 2020 that his favorite formula to dress Its the mini dress with boots. It does not matter the season of the year or the occasion. That combo is the one he chooses in almost all his television appearances and also for day to day. In recent times he has bet on two Zara dressesone with flowers that you will wear throughout the year and another with the most stylish version. Now, he has wanted to adapt to the Christmas dates and has done with one sequin that you have combined with the most successful boots of the Inditex giant. Do you dare to copy it?

Nagore chose admini design with V-neckline and short sleeves finished in elastic from Zara that is available and costs 39.95 euros. An ideal sequin pattern in various colors such as blue and purple that has a tight body and a pronounced neckline and flared skirt with some flight. A cute that the presenter combined with boots thus taking her most casual version.

Specifically, he opted for a model -also from Zara- that has been very successful this season and that have been part of some of the best looks of 2020. Some high-top lace-up boots with track sole that are available in different firms and that in the Inditex giant cost 49.95 euros.

A good way to add that ‘street’ touch to a shiny dress that only seems suitable for events and elegant looks. Now that it’s time to spend Christmas at home and with few people, this option that Nagore proposes is perfect because you will keep the sequins without having to wear heels and being much more comfortable.

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