Mustaches, that’s why they grow back quickly


Mustache and regrowth, what a commitment! For those who do not like this very natural detail of the body, in fact, the fight against the elimination of hair is really a mission. But why sometimes, despite the efforts made, do they grow back faster? Let’s find out together!

If for some girls / women they are not a problem at all, for others they represent a real imperfection from eliminate by any means possible. What are we talking about? Of the mustache, that very light (sometimes imperceptible) down that all of us, some more, some less, we have around the lips. More precisely on the sides of the upper lip.

A detail of our body that not all like and that, for this very reason, we tend to remove. By declaring him an open and endless war. But why, sometimes, despite the efforts made, the mustache they grow back faster and faster? Magic or some mistake we make without realizing it? Let’s try to find out!

Why do you have a mustache?

First of all, for the uninitiated, it is good to remember why you have a mustache and what they are for. Like all the hair present on the body, in fact, even the mustaches have their own function (nothing is randomly placed), which specifically is to protect the skin.

A detail that, despite being almost invisible in some people, we all have. And that absolutely is natural and normal. But why, then, do they change so much from person to person?

mustache girl

The answer is quite simple: as with everything related to the body, even the mustache they depend on several factors and personal characters including:

  • age (the mustache, in fact, increases especially in menopause);
  • ethnicity;
  • skin type (which makes them more or less visible);
  • hereditary factors;
  • hormonal imbalance (hirsutism), when the production of male hormones in the body by the adrenal glands and ovaries becomes excessive;
  • pathologies such as, for example, the polycystic ovary.

But not only. Even the use of some medicines such as cortisone, can promote the growth of the mustache. And this regardless of any type of hair removal.

Mustache and regrowth

Depending on the reason why the mustache is more or less evident and thick (and why in some cases it is advisable to consult the doctor), in fact, the solution for their elimination is only one: hair removal. Temporary solution, however, and in most cases not decisive. In addition to the fact that, in most cases, it can cause not exactly pleasant effects, such as much feared regrowth.

That this is also a completely natural thing is quite obvious (after all, even hair or leg hair grows back once it is cut). But why, in some cases, the speed with which the mustache returns seems to be increasing? Most likely it depends on the chosen hair removal method.

mustache girl

Short-term hair removal

Between remedies for short-lived mustaches and which, therefore, involve much faster regrowth, in fact, there are undoubtedly those most common and used how:

  • there shaving, since eliminating only the superficial part of the mustache, already the next day it is possible (almost certain in reality) that they are growing back;
  • depilatory cream, which thanks to its composition “dissolves” the mustache and, penetrating slightly into the skin, makes the hair removal last for a few days.

razor mustache

Those who opt for these types of treatment, however, it will have a rather fast regrowth of the hair. Also taking into account the fact that, after performing them, it may be that the mustache will turn out slightly darker and, therefore, more visible already at the beginning of their regrowth.

Long-lasting hair removal

Different, however, is the case in which you opt for more radical procedures (and expensive both in terms of time and money). Among the most effective methods for hair removal of the mustache and which, generally, they do not cause rapid regrowth of the same, in fact, there are:

  • there waxing (or the different “tear” procedures), which by removing the mustache from the root, causes regrowth to occur only after a few weeks, about three or four. In addition, by gradually weakening the root itself, it slows down the birth of new mustaches;
  • the laser, much more expensive (so it’s better not to opt for this solution if your mustache is, as very likely, almost imperceptible), but also more effective. Both to eliminate hair and to hinder its growth. So much so that it can be considered as a permanent solution.

laser mustache

What happens if the mustache is not removed?

One important thing to say, though, and one that will therefore reassure many of you, is that the regrowth of the mustache is not infinite. Or rather, if the growth is greater and constant for the hair, for the body hair (and therefore also for the facial hair) this does not happen. In fact, therefore, if for any reason do not eliminate them nothing happens.

To be clearer, let’s say that even if you didn’t shave those very few mustaches that you have around your lips, you would never end up with a beard in the Mago Merlin or Albus Dumbledore modes. Neither if you have decided not to delete them because you are perfectly fine, nor if you have packed your suitcase in a hurry and realized that you have forgot tweezers, razors and waxes do it yourself at home.

There important thing to keep in mind when it comes to mustaches and their regrowth, therefore, in addition to making sure that the cause is not attributable to any pathology for which it is advisable to consult the doctor, it is that the only thing that matters is that feel good about yourself. Mustache or no mustache.

Because it is certain that no one will ever notice your tiny hairs if the only thing that transpires about you is your self-confidence and awareness of be absolutely amazing. Seeing is believing!

couple mustaches

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