Mustache: what you must never do before, during and after hair removal


For some, getting a mustache is a real torture, mostly due to the imperfections that this type of waxing causes. Pimples, redness, if not real sunburn: the consequences of hair removal in this particularly delicate area are many.

It is actually quite a simple operation, but we are often not aware of the small precautions to be put into practice in order not to damage our skin and keep it soft and healthy. In this article, we reveal five things not to do if you want to shave your mustache without damage!

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Do not remove the mustache if you have not done a good cleansing first

There cleansing is the basis any facial treatment, including mustache hair removal. To obtain a satisfactory result, it is important to proceed on a clean and fresh face. Redness and blemishes resulting from hair removal are linked to inflammation of the hair bulb. For this reason, we recommend that you use a good cleansing milk that cleanses deeply, combining it with a good refreshing tonic that removes all impurities.

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Please note that for hair removal to be effective and less painful, the skin must be dry. For this reason, if you are sweaty or have recently showered, we suggest you apply some talcum powder to absorb residual moisture. The latter is responsible for irritation and folliculitis, so it must be removed.

The alternatives to talcum powder before shaving the mustache

Did you know there are gods alternative products talcum powder? Well yes, if you don’t love it you have other solutions:

  • the silk powder;
  • rice starch;
  • talc enriched with essential oils and white clay.

talcum powder

These are extremely beneficial substances (as well as natural, of course) for the skin, because they prevent irritation and leave it soft and healthy.

Remember to always tear against the grain

When you shave you don’t have to never follow the direction of the hair, but always go in the opposite direction, even when you have to remove the mustache.

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The steps to follow for mustache hair removal:

  • spread the wax on the mustache and make sure that it adheres well to the area, pressing in the direction of the hair;
  • lift the end of the strip and pull energetically in the opposite direction;
  • generally the lines of the mustache are three: two for the lateral parts, one for the center of the lip;
  • for the first two, place the strip diagonally. As for the central part, tear from the bottom up.

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If you have very sensitive skin, avoid DIY solutions

If your skin is very sensitive and tends to get easily irritated, it is better to leave the homemade mustache hair removal alone, although it may seem faster because you do not have to cross your agenda with that of the beautician.

Contact a professional allows you to undergo the most suitable treatment for your skin without damaging it. There are various alternatives to get a smooth and soft area without redness and pimples.

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In addition to vegetable substances (therefore composed of natural waxes), it exists the Brazilian alternative, equally valid. The latter is removed by the beautician directly with the hands and differs from the others because it avoids adhering excessively to the skin. For this reason, it is especially recommended for people suffering from skin problems and folliculitis.

For the summer, then, it is certainly more bearable than the classic waxing, not causing a trauma to the epidermis and thus saving it from annoying little aesthetic redness.

Don’t forget to take care of your skin after shaving your mustache

Once you have done the hair removal, you absolutely must not forget to apply one on the mustache area decongestant cream that reduces irritation and redness often unavoidable especially for the most sensitive skins. The substances recommended to help relieve the face and reduce pain are those that contain coconut oil, St. John’s wort oil or those based on calendula, chamomile, violet or mauve.

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Be careful, the danger of sunspots on the mustache area is always around the corner!

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made is that of expose yourself to the sun immediately afterwards having waxed, not just the mustache. The skin is still “traumatized” and is affected by the effects of hair removal. Plus, you risk getting sunburned or getting absolutely unsightly sunspots. These black halos, which produce a “beard effect”, can remain on your face for several years, or even for a lifetime if you are very sensitive. Wait one / two days before tanning on your face and remember to apply sunscreen anyway, possibly with SPF 50.

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