Mustache, what is the best way to take them off in the summer?


The mustache is the worry of many girls and the desire to eliminate them, in summer, is even more insistent than at other times of the year. To do this in the best possible way, the most suitable technique could be that of the Arabic thread.

Let’s make one thing clear in a definitive way: they all have mustaches. So if you too often talk to a friend who boasts of having a completely smooth face and without a hair, know that most likely it is not so, but she is ashamed to the point of having invented this, innocent, lie.

Faced with facial hair, as well as any other part of the body, the girls are essentially divided into two opposite teams: one formed by who cares and let the mustache grow undisturbed, and the other gives those who try in every way to counter them.

In summer, the risk of getting irritated is higher

If you are part of this second group, the question concerns you all year round as unlike other areas such as the legs, for example, the mustache on the face is always visible. In all likelihood you have already tried any method to take them out but be careful why what works in winter doesn’t necessarily work in summer too.

There skin around the lips, in fact, is a lot sensitive and this means that the treatments must be multiplied, otherwise the risk is to remove the hair badly or, worse, to encounter irritations that are dangerous for the health of the skin and even less beautiful to look at than some innocent hair.

That said, the age-old question remains: is there the perfect way to get rid of the mustache in the summer? Maybe.


Trust the Arab thread

The hair removal technique that makes use of the use of Arabic thread it is gaining momentum but it is still little used, also because the DIY is almost impossible and it is therefore necessary to go to the salon and rely on the expert hands of a professional.

Born in the East, where women practice it following a centuries-old tradition, it is suitable for any part of the body and particularly suitable for the face because extremely precise and, above all, a lot delicate and painless. The only sensation that is felt during a session is a slight tingling.


How does it work

This type of hair removal is done using a cotton thread or sometimes silk, done pass quickly around the hair to be eradicated, which is captured and torn from the root.

Today the thread is almost always moved with the handsi but once upon a time the mouth was used to perform this operation.


Why use it to remove the mustache

This method is the most recommended to eliminate the mustache, especially in summer, because practically free of counter indications.

The hair, in fact, it comes torn decisively but without to cause trauma to the skin, then the risk of irritation or unwelcome responses of your face is practically nil, as well as that of incurring the much feared folliculitis, which is always lurking especially in summer.

Also, exactly like waxing, since The hair it is eliminated completely and not superficially cut, if you are constant in carrying out this technique it will grow much slower and it will always be finer.

Unlike the latter, however, it is able to identify and eradicate even the shortest hairs, so you don’t have to wait for them to grow back to book a session.


The sun is not a problem

Finally, an aspect that should not be underestimated but rather, to be taken into consideration first of all, is the fact that the hair removal of the mustache with the Arab thread is absolutely friend of the tan.

While immediately after having done a wax or razor it is highly not recommended to go under the sun, following the extirpation of the hairs with the wire no special attention is needed, if not the valid one, always apply an adequate one on the face Sun protection.

How to prepare the skin for hair removal with the thread

As said this technique it is the most suitable for eliminating mustaches in the summer, precisely because delicate and this means that the precautions to take before there are not many. However some can always be helpful.

Do a face scrub

Before undergoing any facial treatment, exfoliate lightly the skin is recommended because this way you they eliminate the cells many and the surface layer, making more effective each subsequent action.

Just before you go to your appointment for hair removal with the thread, then proceed with a scrub.

You can rely on specific products or prepare one natural version based on ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen. The pairings that are the most popular are honey and sugar, oil and coffee or sugar and yogurt.

If you come up with other ideas, that’s fine, the important thing is to combine a nourishing element with one that generates a slight abrasion on the skin.

Once the mixture has been prepared, apply it to the affected area with circular movements and rinse.


Take a facial sauna

If you want to clean your skin even better and dilate its pores thus making the hair extraction phase much easier, take a facial sauna. They exist on the market different ad hoc devices for this operation but if you don’t have them, fill in one pot of water, put it to boil, remove it from the heat and stay a few minutes with your face not far from it so that the skin absorbs the vapors.


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