Mustache: regrowth, hardness and everything you need to know


Mustache yes, mustache no. What a dilemma! Here, then, what you need to know before deciding whether or not to eliminate this natural detail of the body (which we all have) and of which, no, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Just feel good about yourself.

Peli: yes or no? When it comes to aesthetics and what they “like or dislike“Having on your body, one of the most talked about topics of all concerns hair and in particular that on the face, the classics mustache on the sides of the upper lip. A detail that we all have, some more, some less. And that, as they can be almost invisible and not at all annoying, they can also be a source of embarrassment or discomfort. A real “problem” to be eliminated.

Although, in fact, they are not even remotely comparable to a male mustache, not all mustaches are the same. There are those who have them darker, those who have them longer or shorter, those who grow faster and those who, on the other hand, almost have none. In conclusion, to each his own hair. But are we really sure we know everything about mustaches? Most likely not. This is why, before deciding whether to delete or keep them, it is important get to know them a little better.

What they are and why they are there

The first thing to clarify is that we all have mustaches. Some more than others, of course, but all of us have a certain amount of facial hair and, in particular, around the lips. A detail as natural (their function is to protect the skin) as annoying (although not for all) that can derive from:

  • hereditary factors, and therefore appear as an intrinsic characteristic linked to the family to which they belong;
  • hirsutism, a hormonal disease for which there is an excessive production of androgens (male hormones), both by the ovaries and by the adrenal glands. But also as a consequence of the polycystic ovary.

In short, whether it is for hereditary factors or for a hormonal disorder (and on which, therefore, it is possible to intervene with specific treatments even if in a non-decisive way), it is clear that the mustache is there. And that, like the rest of the body hair, you can decide freely whether to keep them or delete them. After all, as Frida Kahlo teaches, even mustaches help make us extraordinary.

Mustache and regrowth: how often is it good to eliminate them?

Once the cause of our mustache has been identified, the question that often arises (as for the hair on the legs, armpits or groin) is always the same: how often it is good to eliminate them?

Always bearing in mind that it is absolutely not mandatory to do so, there is no one answer for all. Exactly as with other body hair, in fact, the regrowth of the mustache is absolutely subjective, both in terms of time and “hardness”.

If in general, in fact, we could say that once a month is enough, it should also be clarified that depending on how they are eliminated it may be that this period of time decreases (as for the hair on the legs shaving and waxing have different yields).

razor mustache

Methods to eliminate the mustache and how often to repeat them

In fact, there are many methods to eliminate the mustache. It all depends on how often you want to repeat the operation and, above all, which solution is the most suitable for your type of skin and hair.

Among these the most common among which you can opt are:

  • razor blades: even if it would be better to avoid them, they are practical and fast (as much as the need to reuse them though). Do you know how often you have to repeat the shaving operation when you use them for armpits or legs? Here, even if the hairs are different, the dynamics work exactly the same way. In addition, although it is not true that shaving makes hair grow thicker, it is also true that with this method the mustache they could be “stronger”, and therefore a little more visible;
  • depilatory cream: another effective and fast remedy that can be repeated even just every one 15 days. The only drawback is the mustache they may grow back darker and harder. Then be careful to always try it first on a different part of the body, to check that it does not create problems or irritation;
  • epilator: a tool that is simple to use and very precise but which can cause some pain (although this depends a lot on your personal perception). The results of the epilator they last about a month;
  • waxing: given the delicacy of the part it is better not to do it yourself, to avoid creating irritation or worse damage (including the worsening of dark spots on the lip contour). The yield usually it is longer than a month;
  • laser or pulsed light: decidedly more lasting (up to six / nine months) it is a decidedly more effective method but requires a series of sessions to get rid of the mustache. And therefore it is not a good option to implement at the last minute.

mustache waxing

Regardless of the method chosen, it is always better have tweezers with you (you never know), but only to eliminate the classic lonely mustache that appears suddenly.

Why not use the tweezers for all mustaches?

Although it is very comfortable (and very useful as last minute remedy), the area where the mustache grows is extremely delicate. If it is excellent for eliminating excessive hair on the eyebrows or on the chin, in fact, around the lips it could cause the formation of bubbles. In addition to causing pain. And it’s not really worth it!

Mustache and discoloration: are you sure you know everything?

Taking into account that generally the mustache is almost insignificant hair, small and often semi-invisible, discoloration can be a good solution for make them even less visible. But be careful because this does not apply to everyone.

If for those who have the very fair complexion and an equally clear and fine fuzz, the discoloration can be very effective, making the mustache practically invisible, the same is not true for those who have a olive or dark skin tone. The reason? Simple.

In this case, bleaching the mustache makes them even more visible. In addition to the not inconsiderable fact that the discoloration can strengthen the hair bulb. In short, maybe it’s better inquire well before changing color to his mustache.

mustache girl

That said, as seen at the beginning, the mustache is a completely natural detail (exactly like the other hairs distributed on the body) and with one their function. Eliminating them or not is an absolutely personal choice. After all everyone likes what they like and that’s good. It being understood that the important thing is to always feel good about yourself e free to do what you want. You will look beautiful in any case, with or without a mustache.

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