Mustache, how is their growth slowed down?


The mustache in summer is one of the most difficult beauty problems to manage, but there are some methods to delay its regrowth and therefore postpone the sometimes dreaded appointment with hair removal.

There hair removal in the summer it’s one of the hottest topics out there. There are those who hate it and practice it as little as possible, if at all, and who instead not i knowhe bears the sight of not even a hair, and therefore is always looking for the perfect technique to make his skin super smooth. In the hit parade of the areas where the greatest efforts are concentrated, undoubtedly the face, with the much hated mustache.

How to depilate your mustache in the summer

To eliminate them, the ways are different but in the summer pay maximum attention, the area above the lips is very delicate and using overly aggressive methods could put you at risk of irritation or redness.

The safest are Arabian thread or tweezers but you don’t necessarily have to leave waxing or depilatory creams. The important is do not expose yourself to the sun or to chlorine and salt the same day and the next hair removal.

By virtue of the fact that it is better to spend time between hair removal and days at the beach or in the pool, the ideal would be manage to delay as much as possible regrowth of the much hated pats.

A scientific method in this sense does not exist but many little tricks that somehow seem to work yes. Curious to discover them?

Choose the right time to shave

You probably don’t know but not all days are the same for our hair, which as happens for many events concerning women’s health, resent enormously the influence of hormones.

Not before your period

The ideal time to remove the mustache, and the hair of the rest of the body, is about three days after the end of menstruation, when the hormonal load is minimized. At other times of the month, the increased presence of hormones in the body promotes faster hair regrowth, so shedding may be less effective in the long run.


Never with a growing moon

Another aspect to keep an eye on is the moon. For the hair it is worth it same speech of the hair but on the contrary.

While the hair should be pruned with the crescent moon to favor a greater and luxuriant growth, the mustache is much better to eliminate them with the waning moon, so as to see them grow less quickly and weaker.

Better before lunch

After eating, triggers the digestive phase which, bringing more blood flow into the circulation, also makes the more sensitive skin.

If you can, then forget about hair removal in these moments, but anticipates the elimination of the mustache before you sit down at the table.


Trust in nature

Although it is in no way scientifically proven methods to delay the regrowth of the mustache we can also rely on the powers of nature, given that there are several elements that seem to trigger this benefit.


This spice of Indian origin, widely used in cooking and medicine even in the West, as well as having a very good taste and aroma, it boasts a series of healing properties that should not be underestimated. Women in countries where it is particularly widespread have used it for decades to fight hair, and therefore also mustache, because it would weaken the hair bulbs, making the hair visibly thinner and more sparse over time. The premises are so interesting that the question is only one: why shouldn’t we try turmeric too?


How to use it

Create a compound based on aloe vera, chickpea flour and turmeric and spread it all over the area where the mustache grows, leave it on for a couple of minutes and rinse with warm water. Do this at least once a week.


This also exotic fruit, and in particular the papain enzyme present in it, seems to slow down the regrowth of the hair. To apply the papaya, blend a little and spread it over the mustache area like a moisturizing mask. Let it act for a few minutes and eliminate it.


Green tea and soy

Among the various beneficial powers of the green tea, also that of rebalance the hormonal level. In particular, drinking it regularly seems to be reduce androgen levels, the hormones that stimulate hair growth.

Likewise, also soy it would appear to perform a very similar function.

Exfoliate the skin

Maintain the skin of the face free from dead cells or small impurities it is an essential practice to keep it shiny and healthy, but perhaps what you still don’t know is that it is also particularly useful for delaying the regrowth of the mustache.

Scrub before shaving

The reason is very simple: by doing this even the hairs under the skin or the shorter ones come to light and consequently by proceeding with the hair removal it is possible to eliminate even those that would have appeared later.

Before proceeding with the elimination of the flicks, therefore, do a light face scrub, obviously insisting on the interested party. The gentlest way to do this is to rub into the skin a mix of honey and sugar.

Use ice

One last tip from the grandmother to delay the regrowth of the mustache is to pass some ice or cold water in the area above the lips every night before going to sleep.


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